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Datamax-O'Neil I-Class Mark II and NETira Software

NETira software

I-Class Mark II printers can be used in a wide variety of industrial applications with a range of media compatibility, connectivity, emulation support, and options. I-Class Mark II offers a complete range of printers with 203, 300, and 600 dpi models with the best value proposition for mid range industrial class printers.

I-Class Mark II easily keeps up with high speed label demand applications, boasting 20% faster performance than the nearest competitor in its class. With a 400 MHz processor, the throughput of the printer is fastest in the mid range industrial printers in the industry. Its modular design facilitates adding and/or changing options with ease, making it easy to upgrade and reconfigure for business growth.

NETira™ Software Suite
Datamax-O'Neil's certified software applications that provide printer enhancements, performance and setup of Datamax-O'Neil printers.

Unlock the power of your Datamax-O'Neil printers with NETira software. NETira is a suite of software products designed to expand and enhance the performance of your Datamax-O'Neil printers. With the touch of a few buttons, NETira applications save you time and effort when configuring, managing and printing labels and receipts.

Optimizes Printer Performance

  • Plug and Print
  • Minimize printer setup time
  • Create and save files only once

Easy Integration with Common User Interface

  • Single menu navigation for multiple setups
  • Modern look and feel
  • Easy setup of printer monitoring

Tested and Certified Applications by Datamax-O'Neil

  • Proven tools for out-of-box performance
  • Tested with certified Datamax-O'Neil supplies
  • Support for portables and stationary printers 

Software Suite Includes

  • NETira Configuration Tool--Minimize printer setup time
  • NETira Label Designer--Out of box simple label creation
  • NETira Remote Management--Manage/monitor printers anywhere
  • IntelliSEAQ-- exclusive print head monitoring 

NETira™ certified software applications provide printer enhancements, performance and setup of Datamax-O'Neil printers.

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