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To better serve Europe and the world, Rice Lake Weighing Systems has a support facility located in Heteren, Nederland as well as the Dini Argeo manufacturing, distribution, sales and service division located in Modena, Italy.

Stay on ricelake.com to view Rice Lake's product offering in your region, or visit www.diniargeo.com to view additional Dini Argeo products and service offerings.

Visit www.diniargeo.com

What's new at Rice Lake

Rice Lake Metrology Services
Rice Lake offers a full selection of precision industrial equipment, precision balances, calibration weights and accessories as well as full calibration services in our state-of-the-art metrology lab.

Belt Scale Weigh Frames
Belt scales are the most accurate and efficient way to measure the material flow on a conveyer belt and can also be used for product dosing. With six different models to choose from, Rice Lake belt scales provide a solution for nearly every application.

The Master BulkSlide is a solids flowmeter that measures with a high accuracy from ± 0,5 percent. It can be used for most solid bulk products that are free flowing and non-sticky.


Rice Lake Technical Training

Class is in Session

No matter the scale technician’s skill level, we are confident they will leave Rice Lake’s technical training with the knowledge to successfully sell, service and apply targeted weighing solutions.

Course subjects include comprehensive understanding of the latest weighing equipment, software and troubleshooting techniques. All sessions are delivered in person with hands-on demonstrations by leading experts in the scale industry. 

For more information or to register for a class, call 800-472-6703 and ask for our training coordinator, or email seminars@ricelake.com.

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