Container Weighing Solutions

The SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) Treaty requires all ISO containers to have a verifiable gross mass value entered into the ship’s manifest prior to loading. This international treaty amendment comes in the wake of several at-sea disasters resulting from improper cargo ship loading.

Container Weighing Information

The industry preferred and recommended method for verifying ISO container mass is to weigh the entire container (once sealed) to provide a total verified mass, with the added benefit of relevant center of gravity and container balance data. Rice Lake has a broad variety of weighing equipment and Measurement Systems International weighing systems specialized technology for sea ports. This unique position in the industry allows Rice Lake to offer several products for SOLAS compliance, including:

Rice Lake products can integrate into existing port handling equipment and management systems, providing minimum interruption to operations and seamless merging of data.

Unverified containers cannot be legally loaded. Failure to comply will result in fines and penalties throughout the logistics chain, as well as costly delays and interruptions. Rice Lake Weighing Systems is your partner for compliance, offering several turnkey solutions that are straightforward and worry-free.

Related Products

Twist Lock Sensors
Rice Lake’s Twist Lock Sensor was specifically designed and engineered to meet or exceed industry standards and SOLAS requirements. Durability and accuracy are the cornerstone foundations for this SOLAS solution. Rice Lake Twist Lock Sensors are constructed from 4340 high-tensile steel and have been heat treated and hardened to survive abusive and demanding terminal port environments.

Load Pins and Load Sensors
Load protection systems for container and cargo boom cranes are integral components of s afe and efficient port operations. Rice Lake’s Load Pins and Load Sensors are easily integrated into existing crane control systems, and specifically designed for your requirements.

MSI-Shear Web Load Cell
When load block integration is key, a low-profile, donut-style load cell that compensates for hook rotation without losing accuracy is essential. The MSI-Shear Web Load Cell offers a 1/10 of1 percent accuracy of rated capacity, off-axis compensation, and is made with durable zinc-plated 4340 alloy steel.

Electronics and Integrated Commnunications
Rice Lake’s Twist Lock Sensors, Load Pins and Load Sensors can easily integrate with manifest databases and existing PLCs in the port terminal or stacking yard. Multiple RF signal types are available, including 802.15.4, 802.11, Bluetooth®, encrypted signals and others.4340 alloy steel.

Integrated Control Components


1280 Enterprise™ Series Programmable Indicator/Controller
Seamlessly integrate the 1280 with existing crane operator control and manifest databases or port PLCs. The 1280 features a built-in web server, Ethernet TCP/IP, Wi-Fi, USB, Bluetooth® and RS-232/485.



920i® Programmable Indicator/Controller
The 920i programmable indicator can be cab-mounted for crane operator control or wall mounted to interface load data with the system control PLC.



TranSend RF wireless weighing system components transmit load data from the load sensor to virtually any location for control interlock or PLC interface.



The SCT-20 signal conditioning transmitter supplies a 4-20mA signal to the crane control PLC. The SCT-20 is DIN-rail mounted in an optional protective enclosure for use in harsh, sea port environments.



iQUBE2® Digital Diagnostic Junction Box
iQUBE2 has the unique ability to digitally monitor and communicate load cell performance. By creating a digital signal, iQUBE² provides unparalleled speed and communication, and is far more resistant to electrostatic discharge.



ScaleConnect™ Mobile Application
Rice Lake’s ScaleConnect app collects data, creates combination scales and controls your Bluetooth® or Wi-Fi equipped ScaleCore equipment on Android™ mobile devices.



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