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Rice Lake products are sold through our expansive distribution network. Our unique global distribution and service network includes more than 2,000 distributors in 75 countries with trained technicians and the finest factory support in the business.

If you have not worked with a Rice Lake authorized distributor in the past, we would be happy to collect your contact information and have a local scale dealer contact you—getting you on your way to owning quality Rice Lake products!

Please click the Request A Dealer button below, fill out the easy form, and you’ll be hearing from a qualified Rice Lake distributor soon!

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Calibration Services

I want to purchase calibration weights or calibration services

Rice Lake sells calibration weights and provides calibration services for many customers throughout the world without needing to go through a local distributor. To purchase weights or inquire about our calibration services, visit our weights and calibration services web page or contact our metrology lab.

Phone: 800-472-6703

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Calibration Services

I need products for Multiple Locations

If your company operates from multiple geographical areas and is looking to standardize on weighing and process control equipment, please contact our national accounts department. Our national accounts department utilizes our network of local dealers to develop and implement programs that deliver increased uptime and efficiencies.

United States/Canada

Phone: 888-225-7597


Phone: +1715-234-9171

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Calibration Services

How to contact Rice Lake Headquarters

United States/Canada

Phone (United States): 800-472-6703 | Phone (Canada): 800-321-6703 | Fax: 715-234-6967 | Email:


Phone: (52) 81 8356 5062 · (52) 81 8356 5063 · 001 800 321 6703 | Fax: (52) 81 8356 2291 | Email:


Phone: (48) 3331 3200 | Email:


Phone: +54 03400 476226 · +52 03400 472397 · +52 03400 479882 | Email: or


Phone: +31 (0) 26 4721319 | Fax: +31 (0) 88 2349100 |

Asia, Africa, Middle East

Phone: +1-715-234-9171 | Fax: +1-715-234-6967 | Email:


Phone: +91-44-7117-3700 | Email:

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