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Rice Lake Magazine

Published bi-annually for the benefit of Rice Lake customers and dealers alike, Rice Lake Magazine includes an excellent source of application stories, technical information and advice for anyone in the weighing industry.

Beating the Clock

Summer 2018

Efficiency is one of the keys to effective business, and implementing solutions to best utilize the precious resource of time is something that never gets old!

Roots in Rice Lake, Branches Worldwide

Spring 2017

As Rice Lake Weighing Systems continues to expand across the globe, our origin in the small town of Rice Lake, Wisconsin continues to drive our values and character.

Serving Every Industry

Summer 2016

Today, Rice Lake serves virtually every industry. This variety is illustrated in articles throughout the Summer 2016 magazine.

Going the Distance

Summer 2015

The summer 2015 edition of Rice Lake Magazine features exciting scale and process control applications around the world—including sites you might not expect. From remote to local locations, there is no limit to where you will find Rice Lake.

Unlock Potential

Winter 2015

This issue of Rice Lake Magazine features stories of quick and substantial return on scale investments.


Summer 2014

This edition of Rice Lake Magazine features exciting stories that highlight Rice Lake’s service, selection, and speed. It’s what we know best—and what makes Rice Lake the best by every measure.

The Many Facets of Rice Lake

Winter 2014

This issue of Rice Lake Magazine explores the many facets of Rice Lake. From fashion to fish, our scales can be found in almost every industry.

Customization is Key

Summer, 2013

Today’s world is not always comprised of straight lines, and standard products won’t always fit your needs. This issue of Rice Lake Magazine focuses on some of these products.

We Earn It

Fall, 2012

Our greatest asset and differentiator as a company is plain and simple: great customer service. This issue of Rice Lake Magazine features stories highlighting our commitment to the customer.

Future in Control

Summer, 2012

This issue of Rice Lake magazine features application stories about Rice Lake technology controlling processes at mills, plants, farms and fairs.

The Toolbox

Fall, 2011

This issue of Rice Lake Magazine is a toolbox of sorts, filled with application stories, technical articles and other tools to help you build your business.

Hands on New Technologies

Summer, 2011

You’ll find information about wireless technology including the differences between Bluetooth®, ZigBee® and Wi-Fi. We also visit Rice Lake equipment applications at a commercial bakery, a manufacturer of car racks for sports equipment, a busy stone quarry, and a facility that performs force testing on airplane wings.

Weighing in the New Year

Winter, 2010

In this issue, we share a wide range of information. You’ll find the latest on Rice Lake equipment applications as far from Wisconsin as Brazil, along with stories that feature adhesives, coking coal, blue jeans, yachts, sea lions, and giraffes.

Americans at Work

Summer, 2010

Even as we celebrate our national independence, we salute our customers and partners the world over. National pride is universal. In this issue, we feature several equipment application stories from our distributors and their customers.

The Americas Tour

Winter, 2009

Follow our Rice Lake Mobile Marketing Unit as it tours through America.

The Art and Measure of Wellbeing

Spring, 2009

The Spring 2009 magazine is dedicated to caregivers. Read stories about healthy weight and the importance of accurate weighing.


Winter, 2008

In this issue of Rice Lake Magazine, you'll read about our star turn in Hollywood, as well as equipment application stories at race tracks and disaster sites.

Weighing the World

Summer, 2008

We take you from eastern maritime Canada to the industrial centers of Europe, from the island city-state of Singapore to the arid, irrigated croplands of Mexico. At every application we visit, Rice Lake's open philosophy, user-friendly systems and unequaled turnaround time continue to win the day.

To be the best by every measure®