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CB-3 Concrete Batch Controller

  • One aggregate and one cement scale, water scale is standard for P/N 177747
  • Manual override controls
  • Web server
  • 128 GB data storage
  • Material usage by day/week/month/year and inventory on-hand with reporting
  • Automatic aeration control for cement silos and weigh hoppers
  • Multiple freefall values per material
  • Split batching for loads larger than plant capacity with pre-weighing next batch
  • Automatic dust collection outputs
  • Order-based batching
  • Units: US standard or metric (SI) operation
  • Aggregate conveyor control
  • Loss-in-weight aggregate dispensing
  • Three dual-speed or six single-speed aggregates
  • Two dual-speed or four single-speed cements
  • Weighed water with water reservoir (P/N 177747)
  • Up to eight auxiliary manual controls
  • Mixer controls for central mix block or precast plants
  • Ethernet TCP/IP
  • Up to six admixture
  • Multi-user interface
  • Dual moisture probe interface supports 4-20 mA


  • Monitor
  • Keyboard
  • USB hub (4-port)
  • USB Wi-Fi dongle
  • Mouse
  • Additional four admixture control system
  • Portable batch plant system
  • Control panel for remote batching
  • Customized batch ticket printing

Go beyond batching with CB-3

The CB-3 concrete batching control system is fast, efficient and ideal for ready-mix and block plants. It is capable of controlling portable plants, stack-up plants, central mix, dry batch and pre-cast plants. From weighing raw material to automatic printing of tickets and detailed reports, your entire operation is centrally controlled with CB-3.

Industrial PC Power

The CB-3 is powered by an industrial PC. Offering the ability to view multiple windows at once, the PC interface offers unlimited possibilities to save time and optimize efficiency.

Multiple Windows and Simultaneous Processes

Operators can start one batch and in additional windows perform secondary actions including, prepping the next batch, accessing real-time weather conditions, creating driving directions to the job site, and accessing advanced reports. Multiple users can access the CB-3 interface through the browser-based software, and its SQL lite database networks with corporate servers. 

Advanced Inventory Management

Inventory management is taken a step further with the CB-3. With the ability to notify the operator when materials are low, the CB-3 helps keep operations running smoothly.

Truck Monitoring

Tracking truck movements is streamlined with the CB-3’s integrated truck system. Know where your trucks are to keep deliveries on schedule and queue additional batches. Drivers can communicate with the CB-3 via SMS text messaging. Drivers text a user-configurable number to the CB-3, which correlates to a pre-programmed status. For example, texting “3” could signify that the driver is cleaning out the truck or returning to the plant.

Easy Integration

The CB-3 easily integrates with plant equipment and is an ideal replacement for existing concrete batch controllers. The retrofit option to upgrade a CB-2 with CB-3’s enhanced features and industrial PC is a smart solution for applications already familiar with automated concrete batching equipment and control.

B&R APC2100

Processor Type:
Intel Atom® E3845
Quad core

Data Storage Type:
Industrial CFast card

Data Storage Capacity:
128 GB

Four USB
Two Ethernet TCP/IP

Monitor Output:

Operating System:
Linux Ubuntu

24 VDC

AC voltages: 100 to 240 VAC
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
DC voltages: 12 to 24 VDC

Power Consumption:
AC: 25W (universal) or 65W (others)
DC: 25W for all models

Excitation Voltage:
10 VDC (+/- 5 VDC)
16 × 350 ohm or 32 × 700 ohm load cells per A/D card

Analog Signal Input Range:
-45 mV to +45 mV

Analog Signal Sensitivity:
0.3 μV/graduation minimum at 7.5 Hz
1.0 μV/graduation recommended

A/D Sample Rate:
7.5 to 960 Hz, software selectable

Internal: 8,000,000 counts
Display: 1,000,000

System Linearity:
± 0.01% full scale

Digital I/O:
Six I/O channels on CPU board;
Optional 24-channel I/O expansion boards

Communication Ports:
Four ports on CPU board support up to 115,200bps
Port 1: Full duplex RS-232
Port 2: RS-232 with CTS/RTS; PS/2 keyboard
interface or USB type A and B connectors
Port 3: Full duplex RS-232, 20mA
Port 4: Full duplex RS-232, 2-wire RS-485, 20mA
Optional dual-channel serial expansion boards
Channel A: RS-232, RS-485, 20 mA
Channel B: RS-232, 20 mA

(W × H)
4.6 × 3.4 in (116 × 86 mm)
320 × 240 pixel
LCD module with adjustable contrast
Transmissive display
Transflective display (optional)

27-key membrane panel, tactile feel, PS/2 or USB port for external keyboard connection

Temperature Range:
Certified: 14 °F to 104 °F (-10 °C to 40 °C)
Operating: 14 °F to 122 °F (-10 °C to 50 °C)

NEMA Type 4X, Type 12, IP66
Stainless steel

Universal enclosure: 9.5 lb (4.3 kg)
Wall mount enclosure: 23.0 lb (10.4 kg)
Panel mount enclosure: 8.5 lb (3.9 kg)
Deep universal: 11 lb (5.0 kg)

Two-year limited

EMC Immunity:
10 V/m

NTEP CC 01-088, Class III/IIIL 10,000d
Measurement Canada AM-5426,
Class III/III HD 10,000d
OIML R76/2006-A-GB1-19.08
EU Test Certificate TC11584
UL/cUL Listed (Universal, Deep Universal and Wall Mount)
UL/cUL Recognized (Panel Mount)
UL/cUL Listed 508A (custom Wall Mount)
CE Marked

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Part # Description List Price Cart
FLD-INSTALL Factory field installation required (minimum 3 days on site)

Call for price

FLD-INSTALLSA Factory field installation, Saturday

Call for price

FLD-INSTALLSU Factory field installation, Sunday

Call for price


Part # Description List Price Cart
175877 Upgrade Kit,CB-2 to CB-3 PC included in kit Must have internet connection for remote support.

Call for price

179209 Kit,PC Accessories Includes Monitor, Keyboard, and Mouse.

List Price: $450.00

179210 Monitor,Acer LED 20in Acer V206HQL

List Price: $290.00

179211 Keyboard,Microsoft USB Microsoft 600 USB Wired

List Price: $47.50

179212 Mouse,Microsoft USB Microsoft USB Wired Basic Optical

List Price: $44.50

185667 Hub,USB 2.0 4 Port Supports data rates of 1.5/12/480 Mbps Backwards compatible with USB 1.1

List Price: $20.00

186277 Adapter, Mini Wifi N USB 2.4GHz Frequency Band, 150Mbps Max Data Rate

List Price: $80.00

196700 CB-3 Option, 4 AdditionalAdmix Control System

Call for price

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