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Counterpoise and Hanger Calibration Weight, ASTM Class 6

  • Counterpoise weights for ratio weighing
  • Nominal value marked on weight
  • Weight capacities of 10 kg/20 lb and up meet NIST Handbook 105-1 and Handbook 44 specifications
  • Metric weights designated by gold paint
  • Avoirdupois weights (pound) designated by silver paint
  • Serial numbers may be stamped on weights (optional)

Our cast iron weights undergo a special phosphatizing process in which the metal is thoroughly cleaned and mildly etched to allow exceptional finish adhesion. The weights are then coated with a layer of chip-resistant paint which conforms to NIST Handbook 105-1 standards. This two-step process ensures a long-lasting finish that greatly reduces the possibility of corrosion. 

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Avoirdupois Round Hanger

Part # Description List Price Cart
10188 Weight,CP Hanger Round 7oz 3-31/32Dia x 6-5/16H Cast AL Painted

List Price: $70.00

10184 Weight,CP Hanger Round 10oz 3-31/32Dia x 6-5/16H Cast AL Painted

List Price: $70.00

10185 Weight,CP Hanger Round 12oz 3-31/32Dia x 6-5/16H Cast Iron Painted

List Price: $70.00

10186 Weight,CP Hanger Round 17oz 3-31/32Dia x 6-5/16H Cast Iron Painted

List Price: $70.00

10187 Weight,CP Hanger Round 21oz 3-31/32Dia x 6-5/16H Cast Iron Painted

List Price: $70.00

10193 Weight,CP Hanger Square 21oz 3-7/8 x 8H Cast Iron Painted

List Price: $70.00

Avoirdupois Triangle Hanger

Metric Round Hanger


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