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iDimension LTL XL Pallet Dimensioning System

  • 360 degree fork truck access for easy pallet placement in the target zone
  • No moving parts, solid-state design
  • Minimal set up and training required
  • Six to eight bounding box images identify measurement record. Images can be configured to include time and date, scan ID, serial number, dimensions and dimensioning indications.


  • Up to two high-resolution color network cameras enable freight identification for damage assessment and tracking requirements
  • Target zone LED light kit
  • 23 inch operator display provides instantaneous feedback to the forklift or pallet jack operator
  • iDimension SS integration program with customizable GUI. Manage triggering methods, data storage and data transfer tools. Incorporates optional bar code scanners, floor scales/forklift scales and printers
  • Stop/go license key to improve dimensioning throughput


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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm California Proposition 65

The iDimension LTL XL uses advanced sensing technology to determine the cubic dimensions of freight, ensuring that freight code compliance is recorded and declared. The iDimension LTL XL removes the potential for human error when taking measurements. The iDimension LTL XL accurately captures freight dimensions in less than two seconds.

iDimension LTL Stop & Go Feature
Increases throughput of palletized dimensioning, the iDimension LTL stop & go feature provides an NTEP approved capability of measuring pallets without removing the forklift from the target zone for up-to 72 x 72 x 84 in (L x W x H) pallets and continue to achieve accuracy and less than 2 second dimension time.

System Requirements:
Windows® 10

Legal for Trade Measurement Range:
(L × W × H)
Maximum freight size:
144 × 96 × 96 in
(3,658 × 2,438 × 2,438 mm)
Minimum freight size:
12 × 12 × 12 in
(305 × 305 × 305 mm)

Measurement Increment:
0.5 in (10 mm)

Dimensioning Speed:
Within 2 seconds from trigger to scan completed

Performance Characteristics:
Most surfaces are captured, including black plastic shrink wrap. Transparent/translucent and glossy surfaces may provide a variance.

Stop & Go Measurement Performance Characteristics:
Stop & Go eliminates the forklift image from the dimensioned measurements. Stop, trigger dimensioner and go in 2 seconds for legal for trade results. Best when used with a Rice Lake Legal for Trade forklift scale.

Item Placement:
Single pallet within the center of the target zone for best performance

Minimum Pallet Height:
4.25 in (108 mm) wood pallets

Unobstructed Floor Space:
For best performance, provide a
11 x 11 ft area clear of walls, inventory racks, barriers or objects

Minimum Ceiling Height:
12.75 ft

Solid shapes, (3-inch protrusions or more) will be included in dimensions

Lighting Conditions:
Operates in any indoor lighting environment

Power Requirements:
Single power source (96 to 264 VAC), with 25 ft power cable


Optional Network Camera:
2.4 mm fixed POE network color camera with 3-axis camera angle adjustment. IP24 rating. Standard 2688 x 1606 pixels, 96 dpi @ 751kb standard output in .jpeg format. Configurable for time and date, scan ID, system serial #, dimensions and dimensional indicators.

Operating Temperature:
14 °F to 104 °F (-10 °C to 40 °C)

0 to 90% non-condensing

Two-year limited
Sensors: Five-year limited (extended warranty available for purchase)

NTEP 19-076A2

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Part # Description List Price Cart
202974 iDimension LTL XL System Single, Rugged Internal PC, 12 x 8 x 8ft x 0.5in

List Price: $57,995.00


Mounting Options

Part # Description List Price Cart
205283 iDimension LTL XL,Option 80/20 S & G Ceiling Mount Kit, 25ft Ceiling Height Max

List Price: $3,295.00

206007 IDim LTL install bracing for cieling height from 18-25ft

List Price: $420.00

188757 iDim Hanging Hardware Kit Hanger Assy, wires, and hardware

List Price: $1,795.00

Systems Options

PC Options

Optional Integrated Solutions

Scanner, Printer and Digital Remote I/) Options

iDimension LTL Stop and Go

Optional Factory and Service Support

Extended Warranty - 2 Year Standard

Replacement Parts

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To locate a dealer in your area, please call us at 1-800-472-6703 or fill out a request online.

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