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MotoWeigh® IMW-HD Heavy-Duty In-Motion Conveyor Scale and Checkweigher


  • Four levels of security
  • Real-time statistical information
  • Product report
  • Statistical report
  • Parameter report
  • User report
  • Store up to 1,000 different products
  • Five zone classification


  • Industrial mild steel powder coated frame
  • Adjustable conveyor height 2 in coarse adjustment from floor to top of belt is 26 to 40 ± 2.5 inches of fine adjustment or 38 to 52 in ± 2.5 in of fine adjustment with optional leg extension kit
  • Industrial belting Black PVC 120 V-Guide
  • Industrial scale

Available conveyor sizes and capacities

  • 14 in x 28 in 80 lb capacity conveyor scale
  • 18 in x 36 in 150 lb capacity conveyor scale
  • 24 in x 48 in 200 lb capacity conveyor scale
  • 36 in x 60 in 200 lb capacity conveyor scale
  • One, three or five zone communication tower
  • Audible alarm (non-washdown only)
  • Pull cord E-stops
  • Portability package
  • Conveyor guide rails (round or flat)
  • Custom programming available
  • UL 508 control panel
  • Ethernet IP
  • Power configuration 110, 208, 230 (single phase or 3 phase), 460 (3 phase)
  • 1280 Controller
  • Pedestal for control panel

MotoWeigh IMW-HD—The Industrial Class MotoWeigh System

Flexure Base Scale Design

The MotoWeigh IMW-HD offers industrial strength with uncompromising accuracy. Its flexure base scale design enhances the system's structural strength, digital stability, weight reading accuracy, and ability to adapt to application requirements. Because of the flexure base, the MotoWeigh IMW-HD's scale edges and corners are the strongest areas on the scale structure—ideal for in-motion weighing where loads are applied on one edge of the scale and moved to the other. The flexure base design is built for industrial applications. Because of its rigidity and structural integrity, it has the ability to mechanically filter high-frequency vibrations and sudden impacts prior to reaching the load cell and distorting the weight reading.   

Adaptable Configuration

The MotoWeigh IMW-HD is constructed to be easily configurable to meet pre-existing process flows. The control panel, display and in-feed direction are easily reversed or re-arranged to make installation in a pre-existing conveyor line easier.

Industrial Construction

Available with an industrial, mild steel powder-coated frame, the MotoWeigh IMW-HD is built for industrial applications. As an option for non-direct food contact applications, the MotoWeigh IMW-HD is also available in NEMA Type 4X 304 stainless steel construction.

Multiple Control Panel Options

Featuring multiple control panel options, operators are equipped with features needed for process requirements. Control panel options include lock out/tag out switch, variable frequency drive (VFD) for speed control, relay controls for lights and start/stop, terminal blocks, and more.

Industrial Grade Conveyor Belting

The MotoWeigh IMW-HD weighs containers up to 200 pounds with a resolution down to 0.05 pounds (depending on system and scale capacity). The system is ideal for applications weighing boxes, bags, trays, tubs, cups, buckets, totes and other industrial product types.

920i Deep Enclosure and 16 in X 12 in Control Panel

  • *8 x 24 VDC or 8 count relays mounted on backplate
  • 24 VDC power supply
  • Variable speed control
  • Motor overload protection
  • Lock out/ tag out
  • Emergency stop
  • 110 VAC or 230 VAC 1 phase power

Mild steel, or NEMA Type 4X IP 66 304 SST non-direct food contact

Conveyor scale

Product Types:
Boxes, bags, trays, tubs, cups, buckets, totes

Container Weights:
Up to 200 lb 
Resolution down to 0.05 lb or better (dependent on scale capacity)

Black PVC 120 with SST zipper splice for easy removal

1/2 HP 230 V 3 phase motorized drive pulley (may vary depending on capacity)

Up to 150 ft per minute

Power Configuration:
110 VAC single phase, 50/60 Hz
208, 230, 460 (3 phase)

Optional: UL 508

Two-year limited warranty
(excludes powertrain and wear parts)

  • Divert methods
  • One, three or five zone communication tower
  • Audible alarm (non-washdown only)
  • Drop chutes
  • Pull cord E-stops
  • Portability package
  • Conveyor guide rails (round or flat)
  • Custom programing available
  • UL 508 control panel
  • Metal detection
  • Filling machine feedback
  • Ethernet IP
  • Power configuration 110, 208, 230 (single phase or 3 phase), 460 (3 phase)
  • 1280 controller
  • Pedestal for control panel

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