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Profibus DP® Interface 720i/820i/920i

  • DP intelligent device
  • Standard GSD file download from product page
  • 128 selectable addresses
  • Auto baud rate up to 56K
  • Registered with Profibus Trade Organization
  • Onboard diagnostic LEDs

Profibus DP® Interface

Profibus DP® Interface is a communication adapter for internal installation in 720i™, 820i® and 920i® digital weight indicators.

2.0 x 1.9 x 0.75 in
(51.8 x 48 x 19.1 mm)

5 VDC, 350 mA

Fieldbus Interface:
Pluggable screw connector

Diagnostic LEDs:
Link status and module status

Operating Temperature:
14° F to 158° F (-10° C to 70° C)

Resources / Downloads

Title Download Email
Profibus DP Interface for 720i/820i/920i Catalog Page Download Email


Part # Description List Price Cart
68540 Ind Opt,PROFIBUS DP Interface Kit (Internal), 720i, 820i and 920i.

List Price: $700.00


Part # Description List Price Cart
69948 LIT,Installation Manual 920i, 820i, 720i and 520 PROFIBUS DP Programming (English)

List Price: $42.00

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