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For precision weighing needs, Rice Lake carries many types of quality laboratory balances from various brands. Find the device you need with the features you're looking for. Rice Lake services and supports all of the brands we carry.

Ultra-Micro Ultra-Micro
Micro and Semi-Micro Micro and Semi-Micro
These devices are typically used to weigh very small samples to a resolution of five-to-seven decimal places. Ultra sensitive micro and semi-micro models come with a weighing chamber/breeze break to achieve the utmost in precision and performance.
Analytical Analytical
Analytical balances are ideal for weighing to the highest degree of precision and accuracy. These devices are used with a weighing chamber/breeze break, and measure from four-to-five decimal places.
Precision/Toploader Precision/Toploader
Precision/toploader balances are well suited for low-resolution samples that require less precision. Typical resolution is from one-to-three decimal places, and lower capacity models will frequently include a breeze break.
Compact/Portable Compact/Portable
For low-resolution weighing in grams, compact/portable balances offer the convenience of small size and mobility. These models are not typically intended for high-volume usage.
Mechanical Mechanical
Mechanical devices offer time-tested dependability without the need for electricity. Enjoy the freedom of mobility and ease-of-use a mechanical balance offers. Measure in grams to a low-resolution of one-to-two decimal places.
Industrial Industrial
Industrial balances provide the strength and capacity necessary for larger jobs. These devices offer larger weighing pans and wider capacity ranges.
Moisture Analyzers Moisture Analyzers
For more in depth composition analysis, Rice Lake has several types of balances with a moisture analysis feature. Through drying, these devices measure the moisture content of a given sample.
Accessories Accessories
Browse our selection of balance accessories to help get the most our of your precision equipment.
Mass Comparator Mass Comparator


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