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Condec designs, manufactures and distributes rugged and dependable pressure indicators, digital pressure calibration standards, pressure intensifiers, pressure regulators and mechanical controllers.

Condec Pressure Instrumentation


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Condec’s commitment to provide customers with industry-leading products is enhanced by 100 percent guaranteed customer service and support. Condec offers a variety of marketing, technical and product support, including calibration services and repair, catalogs, manuals and sales literature. 


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Our Company

Our Company

Since 1999, Condec has been a division of Rice Lake Weighing Systems, a family-owned ISO 9001 certified corporation based in Wisconsin. Condec, headquartered in Newtown, Connecticut, designs, manufactures and distributes rugged and dependable digital weight indicators, pressure indicators, digital pressure calibration standards, pressure intensifiers, handheld pressure indicators, digital pressure gauges, pressure regulators and mechanical and digital pressure controllers. 

Condec began as a branch of UMC Electronics, developing the first self-contained internal pressure cylinder to calibrate pressure devices. Other devices on the market were using hydraulic rams or large nitrogen cylinders to generate pressure. Condec built the cylinder into the pressure device, eliminating the need to carry large containers as well as the messes and leaks of hydraulics. Condec’s pressure calibrators were developed in conjunction with the U.S. government on Navy ships and twenty years later, thousands of units in a myriad of industries are still in service.

Backed by 100 percent guaranteed customer service and support with decades of field-proven performance, Condec continues to be a leader in precision instrumentation for measurement and control of weight, torque and pressure. 

Contact Us

Contact Us

Knowledgeable customer service representatives are available by phone and email.


Monday through Friday 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. CST
Saturday 8:00 a.m. to noon CST

Sales/Technical Support: (888) 295-8475
Fax Number: (203) 364-1556

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Mailing Address:
Rice Lake Weighing Systems
Condec Products
230 West Coleman Street
Rice Lake, WI 54868

Please send pressure product repairs and/or calibrations to:
Door D, Unit 2A
3 Simm Lane
Newtown, CT 06470
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Calibration/Repair Service 

All new units are shipped with National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) traceable certification and written data points for an additional charge.

Condec is pleased to offer recalibration and repair services. We perform an initial electrical/mechanical evaluation and submit a quotation on all instruments we receive before performing the recalibration or repair. Advance not to exceed pricing may also be provided. For example, an initial evaluation fee of $150.00 will be placed toward cost of recalibration and/or repair. You would only be charged the evaluation fee if you decided not to have the work completed. We also have a four-day turnaround option available, for times that you need the instrument back onsite immediately. Calibration time should be scheduled in advance to provide a rapid turnaround of precision instrument.

Recalibration services include certification of traceability to NIST and written data points.

Cylinder Hydro Tested
All cylinders must be hydro tested every five years per DOT 3AL Regulation Title 49 CFR Parts 173 and 178. We will verify date and inform you if hydro testing is required.

If you would like calibration/repair services, please call 888-295-8475.


Warranty Statement

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