“Take care of the customer and the rest of the business will take care of itself”

Donald B. Johnson and Warren Thomas opened the doors of Thomas & Johnson Scale Service in Rice Lake, Wis.


Thinking inside the box

Due to a resource strain caused by WWII, Donald B. sent empty ammunition boxes to national scale conferences, offering to refinish any scale parts sent back in the boxes for fifty cents apiece with a guaranteed two- to three-day turnaround.


A warm Wisconsin welcome

Thomas & Johnson published their first bearings and pivots catalog and opened the first National Conference hospitality suite, welcoming guests with Wisconsin cheese and sausage.


The beginnings of a world-renowned metrology lab

Thomas & Johnson Scale Service became Rice Lake Bearing, Inc. By adding test weights and a metrology lab, the company became a major supplier of precision test weights and recalibration services.


Service, selection and speed

Donald B. and his son Mark Johnson, Sr. became the sole owners of Rice Lake Bearing and in 1986, renamed the company Rice Lake Weighing Systems. Electronic parts and components were included with the mechanical scale business—setting the stage for strong application and engineering support for the entire scale industry.


Every industry needs a scale

Rice Lake grew to serve a wide spectrum of industries including: bulk construction materials, chemical, food and beverage processing, timber, pulp and paper, manufacturing, packaging and material handling, pharmaceuticals, retail, supply chain management, transport and logistics, and utilities and waste.


Rice Lake Weighing Systems goes global

Rice Lake opened support facilities throughout the United States in Jasper, Alabama and Fernley, Nevada as well as internationally in Mexico and India. In 2009, Rice Lake Weighing Systems acquired FlexWeigh Division of Enduro Systems.


Expanding Possibilities

Rice Lake continued to expand globally by opening a European division in 2011 and acquiring NORAC Systems International, a Canadian-based manufacturer of agricultural weighing equipment. In 2012, Measurement Systems International (MSI), renowned for niche technologies such as dynamometers and crane scales, became a Rice Lake brand. In 2013, Rice Lake Weighing Systems acquired belt scale manufacturer Master Engineering in the Netherlands. In 2016, Rice Lake acquired Heusser Neweigh metrology services in Concord, California and Dini Argeo weighing systems in Modena, Italy. The Concord lab, formally Heusser Neweigh, specializes in metrology and calibration services, and Dini Argeo products include a wide variety of weighing systems for mechanical, electronic and software applications.


The best by every measure

Rice Lake offers more than 40,000 weighing, control, data collection and communication products with over one million items in stock and available for same- or next-day shipping. Rice Lake continues to lead the industry in technological advances and quality products, all with legendary customer service.

To be the best by every measure®