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Read the latest product, industry and application articles from Rice Lake Weighing Systems.

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Rice Lake Weighing Systems Acquires MCI Systems

International weighing industry leader Rice Lake Weighing Systems continues to expand with the acquisition of software development company MCI Systems.

1 Us Idimltl Xl Web

Rice Lake’s New iDimension Pallet Dimensioning System

Rice Lake Weighing Systems’ powerful line of dimensioning solutions now includes the iDimension® LTL XL, designed specifically for freight with oversized lengths (long freight).

1 WEB Template Resources 450X300 Packexpo 2022

Rice Lake Presents Processing Solutions at PackExpo 2022

Rice Lake Weighing Systems will be presenting a variety of measurement and process control solutions at PackExpo 2022. Visit booth Lakeside Upper 8010 October 23-26 in Chicago to learn more about Rice Lake’s newest IoT solution, in-motion weighing and innovative dimensioning systems.

WEB SC Forklift Scale Buyers Guide

A Guide to Buying a Forklift Scale

Forklift scales can dramatically increase efficiency and throughput during the material handling process. However, there are many items that must be considered before a scale can be installed on your forklift.

Loadcell Checkleaking Mount Wire Tester (1)

How to Test a Load Cell for Leakage

If you are experiencing unstable weight readings, follow this procedure to test your load cell for electrical leakage.

1 WEB Loss In Weight Resource Card 450X300 (1)

What Are Loss-In-Weight Feeders?

Loss-in-weight feeders are ideal dosing systems for a variety of applications from bulk, dry materials to liquids and even poorly flowing materials. Loss-in-weight feeders can be used in many industries from food or chemical production to high-temperature or ATEX environments.

Adobestock 23702938

Identifying Patch vs Crossover Ethernet Cables

When working with an Ethernet component, a crossover cable is needed to successfully connect it to a compatible device. For example, a crossover cable will allow you to go from an indicator to a computer, from a printer to a computer or from an indicator to another indicator.

Loadcell Checksignal Withindicator Voltmeter

How to Check Load Cell Signal

If you are getting unusual weight readings on your scale, you may want to troubleshoot the load cells. This article will walk you through using a voltmeter to test load cell signal.

1 US Group Idim Plus Idim PWD

Ask the Expert: Logistics Operations and Dimensional Weight

John Lawn, Strategic Business Unit Director of Dimensioning for Rice Lake Weighing Systems, answers common dimensional weight questions.

WEB SC ARTI Trirx Tank Iqube

VIRTUlink Optimizes Uptime for TriRX Pharmaceutical Services

TriRX Pharmaceutical Services used the VIRTUlink IoT gateway system and web application to interface with load cells on large-capacity tanks and the iQUBE² digital junction box. This system provides real-time diagnostics to streamline troubleshooting and maintenance.

1 US CLS M Application

Will a Scale Work on My Forklift?

Forklifts are valuable in many applications including industrial factories, cargo loading, food handling and more. Adding a scale to your forklift saves you money and time by allowing you to weigh and transport product in one step.

1 US Application RLWS Shipping Dimensiong (2)

Outgoing Shipments? Look Up!

At Rice Lake Weighing Systems, we use our iDimension parcel and pallet dimensioners throughout our mailroom and shipping department to ensure compliance, track shipping costs and record shipment condition to simplify any damage claims processing.

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