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Read the latest product, industry and application articles from Rice Lake Weighing Systems.

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Choosing the Best Dimensioner for Your Needs

Selecting the best dimensioning system for your packages and pallet shipments is crucial for capturing accurate measurements, increasing efficiency in logistics operations and reducing process costs.

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5 Reasons Why You May Need A Handrail Scale

With an abundance of scales in the healthcare industry, it may be difficult to determine which kind of handrail scale will best suit your needs.

Rehabmart Blogpost Wheelchairs Picture

Top 5 Wheelchair Scale Types

As you consider purchasing a wheelchair scale, you can use this guide to help select the best fit for your facility.

1 Us Application Idim Flex With Forklift Low Angle

Get Your Freight Spend Under Control

Because LTL carriers also rely on Legal for Trade measurement systems, using freight dimensioning systems in your facility can help everyone ensure correct freight classification and charges, better savings and revenue recovery.


Rice Lake’s New Industrial Crane Scale

Rice Lake Weighing Systems’ newest addition to the robust MSI industrial crane scale line is the MSI-6360 Trans-Weigh. Designed to withstand high-temperature applications, this industrial crane scale captures weight with ±0.1% accuracy.


Rice Lake’s New MSI Hi-Torque Crane Scale

Rice Lake Weighing Systems is excited to present the MSI-9600HT Port-A-Weigh Plus Hi-Torque wireless crane scale, a powerful new MSI crane scale integrated with ScaleCore technology.


Dimensioning Benefits Freight Forwarding and Cross-boarder Processing

The use of dimensioning systems in cross-border shipping can help freight forwarders comply with regulations, speed up customs clearance, improve supply chain management, reduce costs and enhance customer service.


Rice Lake Offers a Complete Line of Bulk Weighing Products

Rice Lake Weighing Systems offers a wide range of bulk material scale systems to meet the accuracy needs of industries around the world, no matter what material is being handled.


How to Use a Start/Stop Box

Weight-based batching routines add efficiency to many operations and a Start/Stop box can help simplify your processes.


What is ATOL and How Does it Affect My Scale?

ATOL is a configurable setting which controls how quickly the weight indicator finishes registering the electrical signal and displays a weight reading.


Understanding Freight Classes

Freight class is based on factors that help determine how easy it is to transport freight, including density, liability, handling and stowing potential. Logistics personnel and material handlers understand that freight classes are essential for shipping palletized products. Freight classes help standardize variables that control pricing for freight shipments, helping logistics managers compare costs among carriers.


Rice Lake Weighing Systems India Ltd. Expands with Second Facility

Rice Lake, Wis.—Rice Lake Weighing Systems India Ltd. opened a new facility at Smart Industrial Park, Pithampur Indore, Madhya Pradesh.

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