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Aggregate Processing

Aggregate processing, mining and construction companies rely on heavy-duty equipment to stand up to the challenging conditions of bulk material processing.

Grocery Industry

Grocery & Food Service

Rice Lake Retail Solutions has everything you need to take products from behind the scenes to the customer's hands. Every retail product need is met with legendary customer service and dedication to high-quality products.

Agriculture Industry


Turn investment into profit—Rice Lake’s agriculture products make a measurable difference in farming and agricultural applications.

Cannabis Industry


Rice Lake Weighing Systems offers professional weighing solutions for cannabis markets including Legal for Trade balances, scales and indicators, suitable for each phase of operation from cultivation and processing to pharmaceutical labs and dispensaries. 

Logistics Industry

Logistics & Transportation

From stock inventory and outgoing package weights to LTL material handling and pallet dimensions, Rice Lake offers comprehensive logistic solutions.

Washdown Industry


Rice Lake provides checkweighers, bench scales, floor scales and balances for applications requiring washdown conditions.

Waste and Refuse Industry


Rice Lake has developed heavy-duty weighing products ideal for the harsh demands of the waste and refuse industry.

Pharmaceutical Industry


From laboratory research and development to pharmaceutical production plants, Rice Lake provides high-quality measurement solutions.

Manufacturing Industry


Rice Lake's vast selection of high-quality products is available in the broadest range of capacities to fit nearly every manufacturing weighing need.

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From waste inventory tracking and maintenance to waste disposal and sustainable initiatives, Rice Lake's weighing and process-control equipment helps improve overall efficiency.

Industries Aviation Topimage


Measurement plays an important role in aviation, from baggage weights at the gate to pallet dimensioning and material handling in bustling cargo terminals. Rice Lake's aviation solutions help improve air travel and shipping processes.

Bulk Construction Industry

Bulk Construction

From equipment for material transfer stations and material-processing facilities to the construction or quarry site itself, Rice Lake offers the bulk construction industry dependable, heavy-duty weighing solutions.

Chemical Industry


Rice Lake offers weighing solutions for hostile environments and materials, optimizing efficiency of chemical processing and material handling.

Fishing Industry

Commercial Fishing

Rice Lake offers the commercial fishing industry durable products suited for weight-related demands, ranging from the sea-faring fishing vessel to the dockside market.

Healthcare Industry


Rice Lake provides weighing equipment for health, fitness and medical environments to serve the industry's need for reliable and accurate measurement.

Energy Industry


From frac sand transfer stations and onboard vehicle systems to weighing coal on an in-motion conveyor belt, the energy industry relies on Rice Lake solutions.

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Food Processing

To enhance food production processes, meet quality checks and optimize the bottom line, you can depend on Rice Lake food processing solutions.

Forestry Industry


Rice Lake's onboard vehicle weighing systems, truck scales and portable axle scales help timber-hauling businesses optimize vehicle loading.

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Whether weighing cargo on a ship, plane, vehicle or train, you’ll find a Rice Lake cargo scale to suit your needs. Handling cargo internally? Streamline your process with our floor scales, crane scales, and vehicle scales. Advanced solutions, like our in-motion weighing and dimensioning systems, will take your cargo handling operation to the next level.

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Military and Law Enforcement

Rice Lake scales are designed to support the intense demands of the military and law enforcement industry. Equipment from tough floor scales to high-tech wheel weigh pads keeps operations running smoothly when it matters most. Our equipment is available on GSA, making it ideal for purchasing through our Schedule Contract.

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Bulk Material Weighing

Rice Lake has a proven history of providing high-quality bulk material scale systems for industries around the world. Bulk weighing systems include belt scales, solids flow meters, loss-in-weight feeders and more.

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