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Power Conditioning

Digital weighing indicators utilize an incredibly small signal in their operation. These signals are easily disturbed by any number of voltage distortions. Additionally, many weighing systems are now designed with a complex array of peripheral equipment, including printers and computers. To maintain proper operation and provide maximum protection, Rice Lake Weighing Systems offers a wide variety of power conditioning products as your first line of defense in the battle to improve power problems.


TP232 RS-232 Serial Surge Protector

The TP232 RS-232 surge protector is safe to use with computers and PLCs and offers three stages of protection.

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Tripp-Lite DNET1 Ethernet Surge Suppressor

The Tripp-Lite DNET1 Ethernet Surge Suppressor diverts excess energies to a ground using high speed avalanche diodes.

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LCP-1 DC Transient Protector

The economical LCP-1 DC Transient Protector can be used indoors or outdoors. It provides series protection for strain gauge transducers.

1 US UJB3T6 PN21134 CMYK

UJB3T6 DC Transient Protector

The factory-serviceable UJB3T6 DC Transient Protector can protect up to six data lines or eight load cells.

1 US TP75 PN33185 CMYK

TP75 DC Transient Protector

The TP75 DC load cell surge protector protects an unlimited number of parallel load cells and up to eight in a series.

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ISOBLOK® AC Transient Protector

The Isoblok® AC Transient Protector offers two direct plug-in outlets and two LED indicators for power and protection circuitry.

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ISOBAR® AC Transient Protector

The Isobar® AC Transient Protector features four outlets for two isolated filter banks to prevent equipment interaction, and two outlets for basic or maximum level equipment protection.

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EL226 AC Transient Protector

The EL226 AC Transient Protector is designed to filter voltage spikes and electrical noise from AC wall receptacles that provide power to sensitive equipment.


EL225-4 AC Transient Protector

For effective protection against voltage spikes and electrical noise, Rice Lake's EL225-4 Dedicated In-Line Transient Protection is the recommended preventative solution.

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Sola MCR Series AC Power Regulators

Several pieces of equipment can share the same source of regulated power with the Sola MCR Series power regulators.

Tripplite Power Convertor

Tripp-Lite PV Series Power Convertor

Transistorized for long life, the Tripp-Lite PV has a maximum output of 120 VAC to maintain power to any standard voltage device.

Tripp-Lite LC1200

Tripp-Lite LC1200 Power Regulator

The Tripp-Lite LC1200 Power Regulator keeps your equipment running during brownout situations that could last days at a time.

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