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Find hardware items for Rice Lake products here. Customer service representatives are available to help you find exactly what you need.

WEB SC Crimper

Crimper and Lead Seals

Lead and wire seals are often used with small diameter openings such as drums, hoppers and valves.

WEB SC Tripp Lite USB

Tripp-Lite USB to Serial Converter/Adapter

Use the Tripp-Lite Converter for serial conversion from your USB device. Lightning fast data transfer rates come from a simple plug-and-play setup.

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Load Cell Spacers

Optimize your load cell performance with a load cell spacer. Load cells require a flat mounting surface to perform correctly. Choose from stainless steel or mild steel construction for mounting your load cells.

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Industrial Corrosion Inhibitor

The industrial indicator corrosion inhibitor protects up to five cubic feet of enclosure, ensuring equipment continues to function properly.

WEB SC Connecting Link

Connecting Links

Connecting links are a vital hardware component to a functioning tension mounting assembly or other suspended weighing system assembly.

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Load Cell Eye Bolts

A bolt with a circular ring on the head end. Can be used in conjunction with connecting links to suspend S-beam load cells.

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Polyurethane Rubber Leveling Feet

Polyurethane rubber leveling feet are heavy-duty, low-cost replacement feet with a stainless steel stem for corrosion resistance.

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RoughDeck® Scale Base

RoughDeck scale base mounting plates secures RoughDeck and other popular floor scales by preventing movement in horizontal planes.

1 US Hardware 6Pinconnector

Connectors, Shell Plugs and Receptacles

For quick, secure cable connectors, MS-type connectors with shell plugs and receptacles.

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T-Strip/T-Grip Molding

Use T-Strip/T-Grip molding to seal the cracks around your pit-type truck scale to prevent gravel and debris from entering the pit.

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Static Control Table Mat and Floor Mat

Designed specifically for energized circuit work, the static control table and floor mat provide superior protection against ESD.

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Leveling Pads

Leveling pads adapt to most floor scales and are available in cadmium plated steel or stainless steel.

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