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Rice Lake Products

Rice Lake’s extensive line of weighing solutions, process control equipment, and measurement systems can be found almost anywhere. Whatever the need, and wherever the installation—Rice Lake products can provide the solution. Rice Lake products are sold through an authorized distributor network. If you need a dealer, we can help you locate a local dealer in your area.

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Static Control Wrist Strap

The static control wrist strap is the single most important personal accessory for protecting ESD sensitive components and circuits.

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10 lb through 0.05 lb Calibration Weight Kit, ASTM Class 3

ASTM electronic calibration avoirdupois weight kits calibrate Class 1/Class II balances, ASTM Class 4, 5, 6 weights, & balance tolerance checking/verification.

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2 kg Range, Calibration Weight Set, ASTM Class 5

ASTM Class 5 metric calibration sets are used for testing non-classified scales, Class III scale or balance field standards, and tolerance checking.

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30kg-10g Individual Calibration Weight, ASTM Class 4

ASTM electronic calibration metric individual weights are used when calibrating Class 1 and Class II balances, ASTM Class 4, 5 and 6 weights and tolerance checking or verification of balances.

Calibration Weight OIML Classification With Case+Glove Kit

20 kg through 1 g Range, Calibration Weights, OIML Class M2

OIML precision laboratory metric kits are used for density measurement, tolerance checking, mass standards and OIML guidelines for balance and scale verification.

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5 kg Calibration Weight Set, OIML Class E1

OIML precision laboratory metric sets with a five kilogram range are used in density measurement, tolerance checking, mass standards and OIML guidelines for balance and scale verification.

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