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Rocker Column Load Cells

Rocker column load cells are designed with a single compression column rounded upper and lower loading surfaces with space around the strain gage to avoid unnecessary stress. Rocker column load cells are typically used in vehicle scales.


Rice Lake RLSCA-50K Stainless Steel, Rocker Column Load Cell

The new Rice Lake RLSCA load cell is designed to be a replacement for Cardinal SCA products. It features all stainless construction and welded sealing to provide IP67 environmental protection.

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Rice Lake RL70510 and RL80453 Stainless Steel, Rocker Load Cells

RL70510 and and RL80453 stainless steel rocker cells are replacement load cells for the Fairbanks' 70510 and 80453 rocker cells found in many truck scales.

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Rice Lake RL75114-50K Stainless Steel, Rocker Column Load Cell

The RL75114 is a stainless steel hermetically sealed rocker column designed to interchange with the Fairbanks® part number 64166. It has 30 ft of overbraid cable to protect it from abrasion and rodents. NTEP Certified.

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Flintec RC1 Stainless Steel, Rocker Column Load Cell

The Flintec RC1 rocker column load cell offers stainless steel and real hermetic sealing, making these cells suitable for use in tough industrial environments.

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Flintec RC3 Stainless Steel, Rocker Column Load Cell

The Flintec RC3 is a stainless steel, rocker load cell designed for applications where moisture and high humidity are problems.

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VPG Sensortronics 65114 Rocker Column Load Cell, Stainless Steel

The VPG Sensortronics 65114 rocker column load cell was specially designed to provide the superior protection of stainless steel and hermetic sealing for truck scale applications.

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HBM C16A Stainless Steel, Rocker Column Load Cell

The HBM C16A stainless steel, rocker column load cell is specifically designed for high-capacity weighing in the harshest environments.

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