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MSI Instrumentation

Rice Lake's MSI instrumentation line offers durable solutions for remote weight monitoring. Wireless load cell interfaces eliminate the need for traditional wire runs between load cells and weight indicators while RF displays allow operators to monitor crane scale loads from safe distances.


MSI-8004HD Indicator/RF LED Remote Display

The MSI-8004HD Indicator and RF Remote Display has all of the heavy-duty versatility of the MSI-8000HD with the added benefit of extremely high visibility in indoor and outdoor applications.


MSI-8000 RF Remote Display

The MSI-8000 RF Remote Display is a full-featured remote display enabling operators to operate weighing systems from a distance not offering harm's way.


MSI-8000HD Weight Indicator

The MSI-8000HD weight indicator/RF remote display is the heavy-duty version of the reputable handheld MSI-8000 RF remote display.


MSI-9850 CellScale™ RF Digital Weight Indicator

The MSI-9850 RF digital weight indicator serves as a wireless remote controller and weight indicator providing remote access to multiple scales and sensors in a configured CellScale network.


MSI-9750A CellScale™ RF Portable Indicator

Choose the MSI-9750A handheld RF portable indicator for remote operation of MSI's CellScale crane scale models.


MSI-9000 CellScale™ Wireless Weighing Solution

The MSI-9000 CellScale is capable of simultaneously processing multiple independent outputs using real-time transfer to a remote device such as a PC.


MSI-9020 CellScale™ RF CellModem

The MSI-9020 CellModem provides a wireless interface from a CellScale to any serial device.


MSI Scoreboards Wireless RF

The MSI Scoreboards have a super-bright LED display with non-glare lens that provides sharp seven-segment, six-digit characters that are easy to read.


TranSend™ Wireless Load Cell Interface System

The MSI-7000 and 7001 TranSend exceeds communication expectations by wirelessly transmitting data between load cells and receiving units.

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SendIt Wireless Load Cell Interface System

SENDit wireless load cell interface reads the signal from a load cell and sends that data wirelessly to a receiving indicator, eliminating the need for traditional wire runs.

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