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Rice Lake provides balances, checkweighers, bench scales and floor scales for applications requiring washdown conditions.

A Full Line of Products for Every Washdown Weighing Need

Rice Lake Weighing Systems offers a full line of weighing and measurement equipment designed to meet the rigorous demands and unique cleaning needs of washdown environments. Rice Lake provides checkweighers, bench scales, floor scales and balances for applications requiring sanitary conditions, including food and chemical processing facilities, laboratories and medical environments.

Ingress protection (IP) ratings identify protection levels against the ingress of solid objects, dust and water. The first number following IP identifies the level of protection against solid objects including dust. The second number indicates the level of protection against various forms of moisture. From bench scales, floor scales and balances to in-motion weighing and checkweighers, Rice Lake carries many products with varying IP ratings to meet virtually any washdown need.

Ingress Protection Ratings

  • IP69K–Dust tight and withstands high-pressure, high-temperature water
  • IP68–Dust tight and protects against water while submerged at 15 meters deep
  • IP67–Dust tight and protects against water while submerged at one meter deep
  • IP66–Dust tight and protects against high-pressure water projected from any direction
  • IP65–Dust tight and protects against low-pressure water projected from any direction
  • IP64–Dust tight and protects against splashed water

NEMA Type 4 and Type 4X are equivalent to IP66.


Featuring an attractive, polished stainless steel finish, the IP65-rated TS Series balance withstands harsh atmospheres, dust, mist and splashes. The TS design is not only water- and dustproof, but also exceptionally easy to clean. The TS Series uses a unique mono-metal tuning fork sensor, eliminating the need for traditional warm-up time. The TS Series features an RS-232 output and is available in 620 and 6,200 gram capacities. Rice Lake offers a versatile selection of washdown weighing equipment. Rice Lake’s expert staff can assist in selecting the best equipment for your needs, whether your application includes NTEP approvals, high-temperature environments, corrosive resistance or washdown applications.


CW-90X Checkweigher

MotoWeigh in-motion weighing systems feature either a food-grade stainless steel or an aluminum construction with a broad selection of features and options to maximize efficiency. MotoWeigh systems are available with the 920i® or 1280® Enterprise Series digital controllers for process control and data management. MotoWeigh scales are also available with both NTEP and UL certifications.

Rice Lake’s CW-90X over/under checkweigher is rugged and durable. Its design boasts an IP69K rating for both the load cell and indicator. The CW-90X is constructed of 304 stainless steel for ultimate corrosion resistance and strength, and its piezo keypad withstands sharp knife point contacts. Its standard GORE™ membrane vent adds even more moisture protection.

Bench Scales

BenchMark™ scales are made for demanding environments. The BenchMark HE-X and Benchmark HE are made with 304 stainless steel frames and covers, with IP69K hermetically sealed load cells. Adjustable, non-slip support feet won’t scratch surfaces if scales are moved. Available in capacities between 50 and 1,000 pounds, BenchMark scales handle the demands of nearly every sanitary environment.

Designed to meet sanitary design principles, the BenchMark HE-X has an open design with continuous welds on solid steel plates, a removeable cover and no exposed threads for thorough cleaning in extreme sanitary environments.

The BenchMark HE has a LifeGuard™ base design to isolate the load cell from potential overloads or shock loads. With a tubular frame and various sizes, the BenchMark HE is ideal for most washdown environments.

The Versa-portion® bench scale features a stainless steel construction, an IP68 rating and a broad range of useful features. With capacities from six to 60 pounds, the Versa-portion is perfect for food processing, hygienic medical settings and everything in between.

Floor Scales

RoughDeck QC Floor ScaleRoughDeck® washdown floor scales are made with 304 stainless steel, with various options available to hold the top plate open during cleaning, and are ideal for environments where efficiency and safety are priorities in cleaning cycles.

The RoughDeck QC-X is built to meet sanitary design principles with continuous welds on solid plates. An IP69K load cell is protected even during extreme cleaning. The top plate opens 75 degrees with the option for a smooth or diamond tread. The RoughDeck QC-X provides customizable durability for any extreme washdown environment.

RoughDeck QC scales have a soft-close top plate that opens up to 37 degrees. The stainless steel tube base and adjustable feet provide support in demanding washdown environments. An IP67 load cell ensures reliable use after scale cleaning.

The RoughDeck HE is a hostile environment floor scale designed specifically for corrosion resistance and long life. Its simple, stationary deck and smooth, stainless steel top plate provide legendary RoughDeck durability, and threaded eye-bolt holes allow for easy lifting when necessary.

Designed for pit-type installations, the RoughDeck AutoLift HE hostile environment floor scale includes an added lifting feature. A powerful pneumatic arm lifts the entire deck and frame for thorough cleaning underneath.

The RoughDeck SD sanitary deck model offers a removable polyethylene deck. This smooth and sanitary surface can be raised manually for easy cleaning underneath. The RoughDeck SD has all of the durability of the RoughDeck design in a simple, straightforward and washable package.

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