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WEB SC TS Balance

TS Series, Rice Lake Precision Washdown Balance

Rice Lake's TS Series tuning fork balance delivers high-speed response time with stable and reliable results.

Apollo GF

A&D Weighing Apollo GF Series

The A&D Weighing Apollo GF Series toploader balance has electronically controlled load (ECL) self-diagnostic before internal repeatability test, multiple weighing modes, and under hook weighing.


A&D Weighing GF-K Series Precision Balance

The A&D Weighing GF-K Series precision balance has multiple weighing modes and under hook weighing.

FD Series

OHAUS FD Series Food Portioning Scale

The Ohaus FD Series Food Portioning Scale is a rugged, multi-use portioning scale designed for use in food service applications.

1 US Cubisii Toploading

Cubis II, Sartorius Toploading Balances

Sartorius Cubis II toploading balances feature a fast stabilization time and modular design, designed for changing applications and advanced Pharma compliance.

WEB SC A&D Weighing EK AEP Series

EK-AEP Series, A&D Weighing Intrinsically Safe Compact Balances

A&D Weighing EK-AEP are intrinsically safe balances in 300 kg, 3,000 kg or 12,000 kg capacities. Operating modes are Counting, Percentage and Specific Gravity.


Navigator® XT Series, OHAUS Toploader Balance

The Ohaus Navigator® XT Series Balance offers a touch-less sensor, ultra-fast response time and superior overload protection for use in a wide variety of weighing applications.

Compass CR

Compass CR Series, Ohaus Compact Balance

Economically priced, the Ohaus Compass CR Series compact balance offers competitive functions and performance in portable weighing applications.

EJ Newton (1)

EJ Newton Series, A&D Weighing Compact Balance

The A&D Weighing EJ Newton Series Compact Balance has an easy to read, seven-segment LCD display with backlight.


EK-i Series, A&D Weighing Compact Balance

The A&D Weighing EK-i Series compact balance has nine weighing modes, remote zeroing and backlit weight display.

Valor3000 Xtreme Washdown

Valor™ 3000 Xtreme Series, OHAUS Washdown Balance

The Ohaus Valor™ 3000 Xtreme Washdown Balance has a full 304 stainless steel housing with chemical resistant keypad.

WEB SC Satorius Entrisii

Entris II Basic Essential Series, Sartorius Toploading Balance

Sartorius Entris II Balance, Basic Advanced Series

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