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Advanced Weighing Systems for Cannabis Markets

Rice Lake Weighing Systems offers professional weighing solutions for cannabis markets including Legal for Trade balances, scales and indicators, suitable for each phase of operation from cultivation and processing to pharmaceutical labs and dispensaries. Rice Lake weighing equipment satisfies regulations and best practices recommended for professional market standards adopted by the cannabis industry.


Cultivation and Harvest

Processing and Extracting

Laboratory and Pharmacy

Retail Shops and Dispensaries

Calibration Weights

Cannabis Industry Standards Rely on Weight

Emerging quality standards require legitimate processing and documentation practices. Accurate weighing systems can streamline these operations and ensure compliance with governing institutions.

Quality Assurance:

  • Product Safety
  • Consumer Satisfaction
  • Pharmaceutical Purity
  • Accurate Auditing and Connectivity
  • Sanitary Processing
  • Strain Typifiying






Cultivation and Harvest

Inventory management and profitability start at the growing facility. Rice Lake offers floor scales, forklift scales and hand pallet jack scales capable of accurately capturing material handling weights at the field site, indoor growing facility, packaging plant or anywhere weight documentation is needed for cannabis logistics.

A broad range of durable, Legal for Trade weighing equipment is available to stand up to repetitive tasks while harvesting, loading and packing.



Processing and Extracting

Rice Lake offers a complete line of bench scales and checkweighing solutions that promote efficient product throughput in all types of cannabis processing environments, including sanitary handling and consumer-ready retail packaging. Rice Lake’s industrial-strength scales are solidly built, can be custom-ordered for an exact fit in any space, and hold up to extreme cleaning procedures.

Cannabis processing, batching and automated production are taken a step further with Rice Lake’s digital weight indicators and controllers. Weight indicators perform a range of functions from simple weight displaying to the most complex custom programming, communications and remote batch queuing. Rice Lake provides complete weighing and process control solutions for any operation from bulk batching to featherweight, designer-strain derivatives.

Bench and Checkweighing

Load Cells and Weigh Modules

Digital Indicators and Controllers




Laboratory and Pharmacy

To satisfy requirements for selling cannabis derivatives, edibles and topicals by weight, Rice Lake laboratory balances ideal for the cannabis industry can weigh derivatives precisely to 0.001 gram. Data connectivity for labeling and tracking compliance is available with RS-232, Bluetooth® or USB port.



Retail Shops and Dispensaries

Rice Lake retail scales are ideal for the point of sale (POS) or retail packaging counters in cannabis storefronts and dispensaries. Legal for Trade scales allow legal selling of products by weight from the scale, according to NTEP Certification for the highest level of accuracy in weight-based transactions.

Rice Lake’s retail scales have data communicating options suitable for tracking, reporting and inventory management, and select models offer additional weight displays for transparency and customer confidence.

Legal for Trade Balances

Point of Sale Scales

Calibration Weights

Rice Lake offers a full line of calibration weights and services required for keeping scales compliant as well as for best practices in sales and quality assurance. With weights available in almost any class, set, size, or individual weight, Rice Lake’s knowledgeable metrology staff can help you with every calibration, weight or scale verification need.

How to Select Weights

Cast Iron Calibration Weights

Calibration Services

Unique Production Needs—Resolved

For the fastest return on investment in cannabis production facilities, turn to equipment that truly aids profitability—accurate and durable weighing equipment designed for your facility’s environment, fully backed by Rice Lake’s legendary quality and accessible, comprehensive customer support. Please provide and submit the below information required to assist you with weighing and process solutions at your facility.


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