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Pediatric Scales

Pediatric scales weigh active babies and children with accuracy and safety. Rice Lake carries several baby scale models for infant weighing needs. Choose from the single-range digital baby scale or the dual-range neonatal scale with Motiontrap™ technology to compensate for involuntary movements.

WEB SC 650 10 1

650-10-1 Neonatal Scale

Rice Lake’s 650-10-1 neonatal baby scale precisely weighs active babies with Motiontrap™, a special motion sensing weighing technology.


RL-DBS Digital Baby Scale

Even the most active babies can be weighed and measured accurately, safely and quickly with the sleek and extremely durable RL-DBS digital baby scale.


RL-DBS-2 Digital Baby Scale

Rice Lake's RL-DBS-2 dual-range digital baby scale allows for even the most active babies to be weighed accurately, safely and quickly.

1 Leftfacing Mechanicalbaby CMYK

RL-MIS Mechanical Baby Scale

Rice Lake’s RL-MIS mechanical baby scale provides safe, reliable measurement for infants of all sizes.

1 Leftfacing Mechanicalbaby CMYK

RL-MIS-20 Mechanical Baby Scale

The RL-MIS-20 mechanical baby scale provides safe, reliable metric only measurements for infants of all sizes. 

1 US Rightfacing Mombaby CMYK

D400 Adult and Child Scale

Use Rice Lake's D400 adult and child scale to safely and effectively weigh infants and children at home while being cradled in the comfort of an adult's arms.

Digital Baby Scale - Suspended Infant with S hook

Digital Baby Scale - Suspended Infant

The OS-10/OS-25/OS-45 suspended infant scale is a portable device for the safe, accurate weighing of infants and toddlers up to 99 pounds (45 kilograms).

Pediatric Circumference Tape

RL-PCT-10 Pediatric Circumference Tape

The Pediatric Circumference Tape takes accurate infant body measurements with an easy-to-read tape that measures both inches and centimeters.

Pediatric Measuring Mat

RL-PMM Pediatric Measuring Mat

The Pediatric Measuring Mat is a soft, flexible mat that easily measures the length of infants. Inch and centimeter gradations are along both edges (centimeter only also available), and the mat's sliding foot piece allows fast and easy measurements.

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