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Bulk Construction Industry

Aggregates Processing

Aggregate processing, mining and construction companies rely on heavy-duty equipment to stand up to the challenging conditions of bulk material processing.

Heavy-Duty Weighing Equipment for Aggregate Processing

Weighing systems must be durable enough to meet the demands of this industry and perform reliably every day. From material load-out to batching operations and every step in between, reliable material monitoring is critical to success.

Truck Scales

Truck scales are an ideal solution for monitoring vehicle loads when transporting aggregates. A durable, accurate truck scale acts as your site’s cash register for product transactions. Not only should your truck scale provide reliable weighments day after day, it should have features that can help promote employee safety.

Consider the OSHA or MSHA requirements your equipment needs to meet to ensure safe operating conditions. Your truck scale may need guiderails that are compliant with MSHA standards if it’s going to be installed at a mine or quarry.





Truck Scale System Accessories

Knowing which accessories will complement your current operations can help you better select an overall truck scale system. Rice Lake’s truck scale accessories include:

  • Guiderails
  • Remote Displays
  • Automated Ticketing Kiosks
  • Printers and Printer Kiosks
  • Truck Scale Data Management Software
  • Traffic Stop Lights
  • Barrier Gates





Axle Scales

For temporary work sites, an axle scale offers quick load checking to ensure you don’t have under- or overloaded axles. Axle scales also provide reliable inventory tracking so you can easily track materials as they leave or enter your facility. Because axle scales are portable, sites such as short-term stone quarries can move the scale exactly where it’s needed to create the most efficient flow of traffic as the quarry expands.

Axle scales are durable, accurate solutions to help ensure safe loads for trucks hauling aggregates, stones, sand and other bulk material.





Belt Scale Systems

Monitoring bulk material and aggregate flow rates with a belt scale system ensures accurate and consistent weight output. Ideal for mining, quarries, bulk material blending, process control, and truck, barge or rail load-out applications, belt scale systems are one of the fastest methods of moving and weighing bulk material.

Finding the right belt scale system for your facility depends on the speed of your existing conveyor belts and the type of bulk material it carries. Consulting with a belt scale expert can ensure you find the best solution for your business.




Railroad Track Scales

If your business handles aggregates and bulk material via trains, railroad track scales provide reliable heavy-duty weighing. Rail scales are permanent installations and can be both Legal for Trade and non-Legal for Trade to weigh stone, sand, concrete, gravel and other bulk materials.

Non-Legal for Trade rail car scales are ideal solutions for checking the amount of material being transferred and ensuring rail cars are within legal weight limits.

If your facility transports bulk material by train and truck, you may want to consider a rail scale system designed to weigh trucks as well. These rail and truck scales are typically static, pit-type scales and can be Legal for Trade systems.



Onboarding Weighing

Onboard weighing provides a versatile weighing solution for aggregate processors because it allows operators to bring the scale to the product, instead of hauling the product to the scale. Onboard weighing gives your business the flexibility to accurately weigh straight trucks, tractor trailers, wheel loaders and dump trucks anywhere in real-time.

Onboard weighing systems can either be Legal for Trade systems for onsite transactions or non-Legal for Trade to help ensure on-road safety, load optimization and accurate inventory tracking.



Overhead Weighing Systems

Cranes and overhead equipment are a reliable, efficient way to move bulk material and containers but can cause safety risks due to caught loads or overloaded equipment. Overhead weighing solutions including crane scales and integrated load cells provide real-time measurement of the operational load as well as immediate feedback to operators and safety systems, preventing unsafe conditions.

Overhead weighing solutions meet, and some exceed, federal OSHA and local regulatory requirements to ensure compliance with safety standards for bulk material processing.





Concrete Batching

The powerful 1280 Enterprise™ Series indicator creates an easy-to-configure concrete batching system for small or portable concrete plants.

The 1280’s color touchscreen display makes it easy for operators
to monitor material levels and access records for hundreds of mixes, customers and tickets.





Expert Manufacturing

Rice Lake Weighing Systems manufactures durable, accurate measurement and process control solutions for bulk material and aggregate processors. Whether construction, industrial mineral extraction, mining or other bulk material industries, Rice Lake can help you find the right solution for your business.

Submit the below information to work with our team of experts to find the best weighing and process control solution for your application.

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