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Whether weighing cargo on a ship, plane, vehicle or train, you’ll find a Rice Lake cargo scale to suit your needs. Handling cargo internally? Streamline your process with our floor scales, crane scales, and vehicle scales. Advanced solutions, like our in-motion weighing and dimensioning systems, will take your cargo handling operation to the next level.


Expert Manufacturing

Extreme demands from the freight industry require expert manufacturing that can meet any magnitude of operations. Rice Lake has the capability to custom design cargo scales of any capacity, large or small. Rice Lake offers the industry’s most durable weighing systems for streamlined weighing and process control.

RoughDeck® Floor Scales for Cargo

Rice Lake’s RoughDeck family of cargo scales maximizes efficiency for weighing time-sensitive cargo.
A superior structural design minimizes deck deflection, increasing longevity and resilience.

RoughDeck® PC

The RoughDeck PC pancake cargo scale has wraparound ramps for easy vehicle access in all four directions. The PC pancake cargo scale is available as 10 x 10 feet with a capacity of 20,000 pounds.

RoughDeck® RC

Fully customizable, the RoughDeck RC roller cargo scale allows cargo containers to easily roll on and off the weighing platform from one side of the scale. The scale’s rollers can be held in place with built-in ULD stops, with selectable roller quantities and sizes available to suit application needs.

RoughDeck® CC

Rice Lake’s RoughDeck CC castor cargo scale has 360-degree castors that swivel, making it easy for the operator to move and position cargo from any direction on and off the scale. The CC castor cargo scale has four removable top panels for accessing load cells.

RoughDeck® BC

The RoughDeck BC ball cargo scale offers multi-directional ball transferring of cargo. The scale can be loaded from any direction and is customizable to suit any application.


In the freight world, cargo must be moved and weighed at premium speeds to meet delivery deadlines. Scales designed for peak cargo throughput are a necessity when it comes to freight weighing with limited time and space. Rice Lake Weighing Systems offers scales capable of enduring rigorous loading and instrumentation to capture weight and transmit it to software for safe plane balancing, documentation and regulatory compliance. Rice Lake's accurate scales are leaders in the freight industry.

Forklift Scales

Rice Lake’s forklift scales eliminate extra steps in cargo handling by weighing cargo mid-transport, saving time and money by keeping cargo moving to its final destination.

Overhead Weighing

Rice Lake’s MSI overhead weighing solutions include crane scales and integrated sensors such as load pins that promote safety, load monitoring compliance and accurate weighments in process control applications.

In Motion Weighing

Keep your process moving with equipment that's made for the task. Rice Lake offers custom solutions for in-motion, dynamic weighing to increase the productivity of almost any process.

Digital Weight Indicators

From simple weight displays to complex process control systems, digital weight indicators and controllers offer communication options, customized programming and central processing control for accurate billing, records and other data transfer needs.


Rice Lake’s iDimension® Series dimensioning equipment accurately calculates dimensions of any shape package in record time, ensuring load volume compliance.

Truck Scales

Rice Lake offers SURVIVOR truck scales, with customizable sizes ands scale configuration to fit cargo facilities transporting freight with trucks.

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