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Connecting with MSI

With several methods of radio frequency (RF) technology, Rice Lake Weighing Systems’ premium brand of Measurement Systems International (MSI) products makes wireless communication an easy integration for most industries and environments.

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Weigh, Transfer and Collect Data with Forklift Scales

Eliminate the need for extra steps in your material handling process. Instead of bringing product to the scale, put a scale where your product already goes—on your forklift.

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10 Facts About Junction Boxes

A junction box is an enclosure used to bring multiple load cells together
to function as a single scale.

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How to Measure a Wheelchair to Find the Right Size Scale

Measuring a wheelchair to find the right size scale is not always easy. Wheelchairs come in a variety of styles, sizes and number of wheels. To correctly measure a wheelchair for a scale the width and length need to be calculated.

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Stable Weight

At Leading Edge Veterinary Services in Springbrook, Wisconsin, large animal veterinarians Dr. Abagail Mickelson, DVM, and Dr. Ed Metcalf, DVM, rely on a Rice Lake animal scale and digital weight indicator to weigh equine patients.

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The Importance of Animal Scale Calibration

Rice Lake’s certified calibration weights ensure your animal scale is properly calibrated.

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Animal Weight and Medication Dosing

Not only does monitoring weight help veterinarians ensure overall animal health, but many medication dosages are determined and prescribed based on animal weight.


ScaleTalk: How to Access the Configuration Menu on the 380 Synergy Series

In this episode of ScaleTalk, we demonstrate how to access the CONFIG menu on Rice Lake's 380 Synergy Series digital weight indicator.

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ScaleTalk: 380 Synergy Series Setup & Calibration

In this episode of ScaleTalk, we demonstrate the process of setting up and calibrating Rice Lake's 380 Synergy Series digital weight indicator.

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Take Cargo Weighing to the Next Level

To efficiently and quickly weigh and dimension parcels, freight and cargo, trust in Rice Lake.

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Rice Lake Demos Mining and Energy Solutions at MINExpo 2021

Rice Lake Weighing Systems will be displaying a variety of weighing solutions ideal for the mining and energy industry at MINExpo 2021, September 13-15. Attendees will see Rice Lake’s overhead weighing solutions, truck scales paired with automated kiosks, belt scales and onboard weighing solutions.

Idim With NMI

iDimension® Plus with Australian Approval

Rice Lake Weighing Systems' iDimension Plus now has approval in Australia. The iDimension Plus is the fastest tabletop solution for calculating the dimensions of boxes.

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