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Application Stories and Case Studies

Application stories and case studies are an excellent source of information about how Rice Lake weighing equipment and process controllers are used in industries and environments around the globe. They provide technical information as well as advice for anyone new to the weighing industry or wanting to install a similar system. 

The Standard

The Standard is a magazine showcasing interesting, unusual and highly successful applications with the goal of connecting the global weighing, dimensioning and process control communities. Do you have an application that you think would make a great Rice Lake case study? Email us at [email protected]


Agricultural Intelligence

Paired with Rice Lake’s 920i® digital weight indicator, feed mills to farms are able to have one connected solution for more efficient operations.

Pugetsound Goats1

Fostering Strength

A RoughDeck® floor scale helps goats become healthy, strong and fit for adoption at the Puget Sound Goat Rescue.

Aloha Hero

Aloha Automation

Bonded Materials is unique not only for its Hawaiian themes in the scale house, but also for its immaculate floors and 100% automation with Rice Lake's 920i and 820i programmable indicators.

FS Cherriesinmotion 10

Cherries in Motion

MotoWeigh generates quick ROI for end users. With increased emphasis on product traceability, packaging facilities need in-motion solutions. From the tree to the box in minutes, MotoWeigh's speed and durability bring instant value.


Rolling with the Cranberry Punches

A 421 Master™ belt scale and 920i® weight indicator weigh berries in motion at Badger State Fruit Processing to keep their operations running like clockwork.


A Retail Star is Born

Sun Foods and Dragon Star Supermarket provide a wide variety of international foods in the Saint Paul, Minnesota area. When they needed to boost efficiency to better serve their customers, they turned to WM-Ai automatic wrappers.

Gold Standard Calibration Tn

Gold Standard Calibration

Rice Lake Weighing Systems created custom calibration weights to help a refinery meet strict gold bullion trade standards.

Studies With Scales Students

Studies with Scales

Learn how a college's plastics engineering department effectively manages resin supply with weight data.

Made In America Class

Calibrating the Made in America Class

Rice Lake proudly adorns Made in America on all of our calibration weights!

Mme Pallet

A Whole New Dimension to Outbound Shipping

It takes three seconds for iDimension® dimensioners to capture Legal for Trade, NTEP Certified dimensions of pallets at Midwest Motor Express.

Galvanized Tn

SURVIVOR® in Shining Armor

An extreme-duty, galvanized SURVIVOR OTR truck scale provides ultimate durability and performance in the highly corrosive solid waste environment.

New Life Steel

New Life for Steel

A Wisconsin scrap facility installed a SURVIVOR OTR to meet state regulations and accomodate heavy traffic.

Bourbon Tn

Time for Bourbon at O.Z. Tyler

A revolutionary technology in spirit-aging rapidly accelerates a process typically consumed by years of waiting. Rice Lake scales and intrinsically-safe instrumentation help facilitate operations.


RoughDeck® Sets World Record

What's behind Curtain #2 on "Let's Make a Deal?" The world's largest cereal bowl, weighed on a RoughDeck floor scale!


Solid Foundation

A cement factory builds up its production with Rice Lake truck scales and custom rail scales.

Aaron Race Car

Under the Indy Lights

Aaron Telitz captured tarmac magic to win the 2016 Pro Mazda Championship in his Rice Lake Weighing Systems’ sponsored race car.

WEB SC Community Strength

Community Strength

Rice Lake’s RoughDeck® floor scale helps a food pantry in Birchwood, Wisconsin simplify the shelf-to-table process.

Nose Knows

The Nose Knows

Diabetic alert dogs at Dogs4Diabetics have a strict health regimen, including maintaining an ideal weight with the help of a Rice Lake RoughDeck® floor scale.

Home Free Prev

Home Free

Rice Lake Weighing Systems' products star on the TV show “HOME FREE,” featuring couples vying to win their dream home. The show is hosted by Mike Holmes, a professional contractor and the host and creator of the hit TV series “Holmes on Homes®,” “Holmes Inspection” and “Holmes Makes It Right.” Episode 104 on August 12, 2015 uses Rice Lake Weighing Systems’ products on the show!


Better by the Bunch

From farm to checkout counter, Central-American banana producers find a certain appeal in Rice Lake’s 820i® and 920i®.

WEB SC Resources Newvision Article

New Vision

Gail Be was declared legally blind in 1995. Little did she know that her eyesight would be restored and she would create the world's heaviest beaded wedding dress—and need a highly accurate scale to document it for the record books.

Tread Life

Tread Life

Tires enjoy an afterlife well beyond their 50,000 mile warranty, thanks in large part to products like Rice Lake’s 920i and the resourcefulness of companies like Ecore International.

Rl Racecar

Speed Machine

Rice Lake is a proud sponsor of USF 2000 race car driver, Aaron Telitz. Having a partner in the scale business has its perks.

Giant Pumpkin

Quest for the Giant Pumpkin

When the sound of polka music is getting louder and the smell of sauerkraut is getting stronger, you can only be at one place: Oktoberfest; and where there is an Oktoberfest, there is bound to be a giant pumpkin weighing contest.

Grain Gold Prev

Turning Grain Dust Into Gold

The combination of the SURVIVOR® OTR single-pit grain-dump truck scale and Lowry dust-collection equipment enables drivers to fully open gates on their trailers, and the system takes the grain away as fast as they can unload it.

FS Kingofzoo 03

King of the Zoo

The RoughDeck and 480 Legend Series weigh the L.A. Zoo's most dangerous animals. Animal health is the zoo’s highest priority, and ensuring they have the highest quality of life requires the highest quality of scale.

Getting Results

Getting Results

Rice Lake's Competitor Series BCA gets results.

Rattling Acres Prev

Rattling Acres

A complete Rice Lake weighing system helps Wiese Brothers Farms modernize their processes.

Grocery Uni 9

Gleaming Grocery

A grocery chain incorporates Rice Lake Retail Solutions’ Ishida Uni-9 scales to reduce errors and add a marketing edge.

Coil Scale

Coil Scale Ingenuity

The RoughDeck CS serves as a miniature railroad scale built flush with the production floor, and a corresponding miniature railroad car to carry the coil as it crosses the scale.

Chrysler Prev

Smoothing the Road: RoughDecks Checkweigh Chryslers

Four pit-style RoughDecks® and a 920i dual channel indicator are set up in Chrysler’s customer satisfaction audit area to checkweigh a sampling of 20 cars per day.

Weighing Wine Tn

Weighing Wine from A to Z

A SURVIVOR® OTR truck scale and 720i™ indicator/controller are premium tools of efficiency in commercial winemaking.

Farmers Trust Preview

Farmer's Trust

SURVIVOR OTR truck scales and 920i indicators cultivate farmers' trust for River Country Co-op.

Time Flies Prev

Time Flies at Tilcon

There are four major reasons for using the Rice Lake Automated Ticketing Systems: efficiency, safety, reduced costs and secure data. 

Flood Prev

The 2nd 500-year Flood

When record flood waters receded, two SURVIVOR pitless truck scales were installed in 24 hours to weigh damaged products for insurance purposes.

Spark Of Innovation Tn

A Spark of Innovation in the Grand Canyon

With the help of Rice Lake's CB-3 concrete batch controller, the Grand Canyon West’s visitor center and parking lot were renovated with onsite batching.


Ingredients of Success

Pasta Montana discovered their secret ingredients to success with modernization and Rice Lake scales, and are now producing the most delicious dish of all—profits.

Red Delicious1

Red is Delicious

From picking to packing, fruit is measured, sorted and weighed by a variety of Rice Lake scales—providing the weighments needed to keep this family-owned company's operation running smoothly.

Winnerscircle Prev

In the Winners Circle

Jones Feed Mill Ltd. produces high-calcium, limestone-based feed for cattle, pigs, horses and chickens. The feed recipes are batched using 40 micro scales that all feed into one load cell.

Bucks Prev

Raising Million Dollar Bucks

A 920i feed-mixing and batching system (with 250 feed formulas consisting of up to 10 ingredients each) helps Antler Valley Whitetail Ranch formulate nutritionally optimal deer food.

Cat Small

The 920i and Android Detect Caterpillar Abuse

Two axle scales, Rice Lake’s 920i® indicator and an Android™ smartphone document truck weighments to ensure any truck warranty claims are valid.


At the End of the Line

The 720i’s peak-hold feature demonstrates the effects of improper wire-rope rigging.


Playing his Part for Vets

Mark Bristow, scale technician, is a volunteer guitar instructor for Guitars for Vets (G4V)—a national program that has given away over 800 guitars and more than 1,500 lessons.

720I Filling Flat

The Perfect Mix

The 720i’s combination of power and ease-of-use makes it an ideal fit for complicated batching systems across the food, chemical, animal feed and construction industries.


Animals Say Ahhhh!

Zoo animal handlers and veterinarians cannot peer down a giraffe’s throat. The RoughDeck floor scale stands up to animal use and performs dependably.

09 Picture 225

How Much Does a Jockey Weigh?

Rice Lake's DeckHand and IQ plus® 390-DC offer a professional solution to weigh jockeys—even when they are covered in mud.

Office Prev

The Day Hollywood Called

Hollywood called Rice Lake and needed a scale in two weeks! The RoughDeck and 920i proudly star in an episode of NBC's The Office.

Thule Canoe

Searching for the Missing Part

720i indicator/controllers are used in a a unique mobile checkweighing solution for Thule car-related products—eliminating missing parts in their products.

Dough Prev

Raising the Dough

Eight IQ plus® 355 weight indicators and one 820i® weight indicator control a minor-ingredient batching system geared toward the baking industry.

Team Spirit Story

Team Spirit on a Grand Scale

Rice Lake steps up to the plate for professional sports teams, powder-coating their team logos on scale platforms.

Coal Prev

Coking Coal

GTR Scales uses Rice Lake's 920i® for CanmetENERGY to help create the cleanest, most efficient coke for the steel-making industry.


Rice Lake Rules at zMax Dragway

The 720i indicator and two 8 ft x 14 ft RoughDecks, joined to act as one scale, weigh drag cars at zMax Dragway.

Anchors Prev

Anchors Aweigh

Rice Lake test weights are placed aboard ships and then moved transversely from side to side to apply a known moment as the heel angle is measured. Using the principles of naval architecture, the vertical center of gravity is then calculated.

Alive Prev

It's Alive!

Blue jean enzyme fermentation containers are customized with Rice Lake load cells connected directly to the vessel—an industry first. IQ plus 355 indicators with analog output report back to a PLC to control the process.


Reputation on the Line

The 920i indicator/controller calculates different grain densities, moisture content and draft size, and uses this information to adjust closing gates.

Sticky Prev

Sticky Situation

A flooring adhesive company upgraded their technology to 920i indicator/controllers with 24-channel I/O and Ethernet outputs.

Bluegill Fishing Contest

Birchwood's Bluegills

The town of Birchwood's fishing contest was a success with a BenchMark™ bench scale, 880 indicator and LaserLight2 remote display.

Sweet Success Prev

Sweet Success with the 920i

The 920i controls a network of five PLCs at a flavored gelatin plant. D’Gari’s recipes must be followed to the milligram, which is important since some of the ingredients are extremely concentrated.

Shroom Prev

Shroom: CW-90 Checkweighers are the First Step to Automation

Whitecrest Mushrooms Ltd. Farm employs a system of 22 CW-90 checkweighers to reduce the handling of mushrooms and provide higher-quality product.

Zero Tolerance Prev

Zero Tolerance for Error

A sonic welder is customized with a CW-90 checkweigher to ensure all components are in place before welding filtration products.

Wrapping Quality1 (1)

Wrapping Up Quality

Ralph’s Food Warehouse has a constant stream of meat and deli customers. This high volume demands scales that can withstand the ultimate durability test. Rice Lake Retail delivered products that endure seemingly constant operation.

Load Cells Fly Tn

When Load Cells Fly

One perfect Saturday afternoon, Rice Lake's service manager was mowing his lawn when his cell phone rang. It was a load cell emergency.

1 Us Wrapper Applicationmeat

Weighing Meat from Farm to Table

From the farm to the dinner table, weighing is a critical part of every stage of livestock handling, meat production and finally, point-of-sale. Whether at the ranch, processing facility, shipping department or deli, meat should be weighed frequently to ensure quality and compliance with food regulations.

1 US A Golden Opportunity WM Nano

A Golden Opportunity

When Golden Harvest Foods in Saint Paul, Minnesota reopened after a fire that caused significant damage to their building, they outfitted their store with Rice Lake's retail equipment to help them remain a community staple for generations to come.


Painting the Future

Pinturas Doal had been making paint by hand. The power of the 920i® changed all that. It was programmed to store orders and formulas, and control 14 ingredients in an automated system.


Waveweigh Sails Through Sea Trials

A dual-channel 920i and motion compensation scale is used by offshore oil rigs to replace scales that fluctuated during rough seas.

Rounds Prev

Rice Lake Makes Rounds

Rice Lake scales are used throughout the healthcare industry. Read how they impacted facilities in Kansas, Wisconsin and Ohio.

Aloha Hero

Aloha Automatización

Bonded Materials es singular, no solo por sus temas Hawayanos en la casa de básculas, sino también por sus pisos inmaculados y automatización al 100% con los indicadores programables 920i y 820i de Rice Lake, así como con la báscula de control de calidad IQ plus 590-DC.

Best Show

Best in Show

Rice Lake Weighing Systems has been a part of Wisconsin’s Barron County Fair since the 1940s, but today you won’t find Rice Lake in a booth. Instead, Rice Lake scales are put to work in the livestock barn.

FS Building Blocks 08

Building Blocks

Rice Lake's Master belt scales revolutionized a Dutch brick manufacturer's production. Today, the factory is performing at unprecedented efficiency.

Community Matters Preview

Community Matters

Using Rice Lake Retail Solutions, WIScale provided a complete grocery solution from front counter to back room—a perfect fit for a chain that found a perfect home in Rice Lake.

Don First Job2

Don's First Job

Don’s first job was in the same meat shop that he owns today. He uses Ishida Astra® retail printers with Astralink® PC software for operator-friendly, professional features.

Drs Power Prev (1)

DRS Power Technologies Weigh as They Build

A custom portable cabinet stores and transports a 920i® and a set of four RL 9000 TWM low-profile 100,000 pound capacity weigh modules.

Roughdeck Qcx Floor Scale Washdown Process

Extreme Clean: Meeting Meat's Cleanliness Standards

RoughDeck QC-X sanitary floor scales and 480 Legend Series digital weight indicators keep clean throughout the pork production process.


Flipping for Wireless

Dolphins Plus uses wireless communication with the MSI-8000HD and TranSend™ to enhance diet and weight management capabilities.

Heart Of Darkness Prev

From the Heart of Darkness, the BCi Brings Energy

The BCi scale/920i indicator combo is used throughout the lifecycle of coal, from the mine, to barge loading, to its final destination at the power plant.

Have Tools Prev

Have Tools, Will Travel

Joe Heinicke, Rice Lake field service engineer, goes a long way to install CB-2 automated concrete batching systems.

Rattling Acres Prev

Hectáreas Fantásticas

Un sistema de pesaje completo de Rice Lake (incluso una SURVIVOR OTR, 920i, LaserLight y RFID) moderniza a Weise Brothers Farms.


In Search of the Perfect Pig

Weight counts, but manners matter. OEM Mosdal Scale builds custom equipment for modern agricultural applications.

Job Shadowing 920 Prev

Job Shadowing the 920i

A 920i-controlled portable filling station takes the guessing and grunt work out of filling containers with waterbased polyurethane.

Likely Catch Preview

Likeliest Catch

A North Pacific scale dealer keeps customers hooked on service and MSI's Port-A-Weigh crane scales.


Mejor por Racimo

Desde la granja hasta la caja registradora, los productores de plátano de América Central encuentran cierto encanto en los indicadores 820i y 920i de Rice Lake.

Murray Prev

Murray's Chicken: Handled with Care

Murray’s Chicken uses Progressive Scale’s “Provision Processing System” with the 920i running the majority of their production. They have had unprecedented uptime since its installation.

Lone Pine Farm Tn

Five Generations on Lone Pine Farm

Rice Lake livestock scales pull their own weight on a family farm.

Newfoundland Prev

Newfoundland: Where Shrimp, Icebergs, and Moose Roam Free

The 920i® controls an NDS production line where 120,000 pounds of shrimp are processed each day.

Roughdeck Ax

No Waste of Energy

By utilizing most dependable and accurate axle scales on the market, uptime is enhanced, safety is assured and there is no waste of energy at this high-tech transfer station.

Noble Mountain Tn

Noble Mountain

The finest Christmas trees in the world are bulk-weighed on a RoughDeck AX-1 axle scale.


Our Day at the Zoo

The Denver Zoo needed a scale that could stand up to abuse from its silverback gorillas. An 18-inch by 24-inch RoughDeck was installed and has been going strong ever since.


Paradise Found

When Yuni Shiramizu moved to the U.S., she began working as a coffee waitress. Today, she owns a local scale business with perhaps the largest service territory on Earth.

Payitforward Preview

Paying it Forward

The New England Organ Bank has implemented a custom Rice Lake scale for their unique application. Rice Lake is honored to be but a small part in helping the New England Organ Bank give the ‘gift of life’.

WEB SC Play By Play


It was 4:11 P.M. on a now frantic Sunday afternoon when Martin Nower, senior scale technician for 26 years with Hammel Scale Co., Kansas City, KS, called Rice Lake’s after-hours emergency service line.

Pressing Need (1)

Pressing need for a unique three-million-pound press

Vehicle armor is essential to survive armed conflict. Technical Weighing Services, Inc. uses Rice Lake instrumentation and load cells in weighing and control systems for steel plants that product flat carbon products for military projects.

Prince Edward Island Prev

Prince Edward Island

The 820i , CW-80 and BenchMark land the biggest catch in the mussel industry.

Gold Prev

Rice Lake Brings Home the Gold

The International Society of Weighing & Measurement (ISWM) gave Rice Lake Weighing Systems triple honors at the June 2008 Conference & Expo.


Rice Lake Medical Scales Go to the Mat

The Rice Lake 140-10-7N portable fitness scale used at the wrestling tournaments is a Legal for Trade scale that provides the highest possible accuracy. It has a 600 lb. capacity even Sumo wrestlers won’t challenge—even though it weighs only 20 lbs.

World Records Prev

Rice Lake Scales Help Break World Records

Rice Lake scales were used to weigh the largest shrimp cocktail ever made, largest fruit salad and largest edible chocolate sculpture. When people set out to shatter world records, they rely on Rice Lake floor scales to deliver accurate and provable weight data.

Rice Lake Red Goes Green Tn

Rice Lake Red Goes Green

The Akron Zoo brought together a custom RoughDeck floor scale and a Swedish composting machine in a unique and environmentally friendly application.

FS Rigitright 05

Rig it Right

The MSI-7300's lightweight design, large display, RF Remote Display capabilities and industry-leading safety specifications help rigging crews stay within safe parameters.

Roots In Wisconsin Tn

Roots in Rice Lake, Branches Worldwide

As Rice Lake Weighing Systems continues to expand across the globe, our origin in the small town of Rice Lake, Wisconsin continues to drive our values and character.

Intro Letter

Serving Every Industry

Rice Lake serves virtually every industry. This variety is illustrated in articles throughout the summer 2016 magazine.

Spring2008 Daggon

Smarter HMI, Simpler Operation

The ideal HMI indicator must be like the ultimate assistant who anticipates the need, expresses itself in a familiar manner, and produces the desired results with a minimum of prompting.

Stamping Prev

Stamping Out Repetitive Manual Labor

Graham Stamping needed a single unified system that could take in both front office and production floor data, integrate and make changes instantly, without sacrificing visibility

Steering Profits Truck

Steering Profits

It would seem that in the case of shrink, he who has the scale is in control of the transaction. Most people think they can’t afford to buy a scale like this. But when you get right down to it, what most people don’t realize is—they can’t afford not to.

Tignish Prev

Surviving the Tignish Wind

Tignish is said to be the windiest spot in Canada. The 820i and BenchMark provide accurate weighments of lobster, crab, mackerel and tuna in this harsh environment.

Two Techs

Tale of Two Techs

A marriage between two technologies triggers the merging of knowledge and joining of forces by two technical strangers assigned to the same task.


The Almighty Almond

RoughDeck floor scales and a custom software system automate weight certificates, traceability and reporting in the almond industry.

Wisconsin Brand Tn

The Wisconsin Brand

Rice Lake Weighing Systems’ livestock scales are proudly manufactured in the heart of America’s dairyland. Get an inside look at the manufacturing process.

Pat Ranfranz

The Many Facets of Rice Lake

Rice Lake provides more solutions today than at any point in our history. From fashion to fish, our scales can be found in almost every industry.

Science Silos Prev

The Science of Silos

An impressive R and D center has a complete small-scale plant to test materials and develop customized flow technology, including silos mounted on Rice Lake RL9000 load cells.

Cover Tn

The Spirit of a Brew

Rice Lake’s weigh modules and weight indicators keep the local spirit alive at the Chippewa River Distillery.


The Weight of Seconds

Lakeview Medical Center enriches patient comfort and streamlines emergency patient intake with Rice Lake's medical scales.

Tile Prev

Timeless Tile

The 920i® formulates waterproof, fireproof, fadeproof tile by controlling two bucket lifts, five conveyor belts, five in-motion conveyor scales and monitoring levels in five silos.

Cotton Picking Prev

The Cotton-picking 920i

Rice Lake's 920i indicator/controller is part of agricultural weighing and data management systems that simplify cotton and grain test plot harvesting for major seed companies and research universities.

Mas Lc Oasis Cattle Tn

Smith Oasis Cattle Benefits from Onsite Weighing

Rice Lake Weighing Systems’ MAS-LC stationary livestock scales increase safety and maximize profits for this Texas ranch.


Ready to Roll

505-Junk uses Rice Lake Weighing Systems' TradeRoute onboard weighing system to keep their business going.

Roughdeck Axlescale Endicott

Building Legacies from the Ground Up

Rice Lake’s durable RoughDeck® AX-1 axle scale helps Endicott Brick optimize truckloads of their industry-leading products that build legacies from the ground up.

Foto 1 Jansen Recycling

Belt Weighing at Jansen Recycling

In the Netherlands, Jansen Recycling (of A. Jansen BV) specializes in infrastructure demolition and remediation, debris recycling and a variety of concrete production. With multiple sites and installations using belt scales, maintenance and data collection are critical to success. Jansen Recycling turned to ACB-Transportbanden and Rice Lake Weighing Systems for their system maintenance and renovation.

Oostvogels L

Silo Weighing at Oostvogels

The company Oostvogels in Breda has had six large silos on its site in Meer since 2012. Each silo is equipped with a Master silo weighing system, supplied by Rice Lake Weighing Systems Europe in Heteren.

271663361 10159690593480851 8820441340057085243 N

Rough and Tumble Bundles of Joy

At Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium, a custom RoughDeck floor scale became part of the team assisting the African Elephant Species Survival Plan when the zoo welcomed two new elephant calves in January 2022.

WEB SC Resources Idim Plus

Put Your Trust in Dimensioning

Having accurate measurements for shipping is essential for any business. Ascell Sensor uses iDimension® Plus to lead the way in their customers shipping department.


Automating Flour in South America

Together with Rice Lake Weighing Systems–Heteren, The Netherlands, Básculas Mauri designed and assembled sophisticated weigh belt feeders to ensure consistent quality and high efficiency for a client in Colombia.

1280 Automated Control Kiosk

1280 in Full Control

Dual 1280 Enterprise Series weight indicators and a 920i controller drive a masonry plant’s automated processes in Mexico.

1 US Wrapper WM Ai Packagedmeat

Wrapped Up in Something Big

FeedMore Western New York’s Meals on Wheels program is making a huge impact on food security among local seniors with the help of an Ishida WM-Ai automatic wrapper.

1 US Benchpro Greenbaypackers Application

Measuring Greatness with the Green Bay Packers

The Green Bay Packers use Rice Lake’s iDimension® dimensioning systems to cost-effectively ship online orders.


Wing Walking the 920i

Before assembly of an aircraft can even begin, one of a plane’s most essential elements—the wings—must undergo strenuous force testing. That's where the 920i comes in.

FS Balancingact 01

Balancing Act

With all the elements involved with making a pizza, the Equipoise stands out as the key ingredient to success. Its balance of features and price give it a unique position in the industry—dishing up savings with minimal investment.


Weighing the World

Rice Lake's products are used throughout the world. Learn about applications in Mexico, Germany, the United Kingdom, Singapore and Ukraine.

Deli Counter With Ishida Uni 3

Brilliance at Brion's

A family-owned Northwoods deli uses a Rice Lake Weighing Systems Ishida Uni-3 retail scale to make community dreams come true.

Idimension 100 Dimensioner

Bright Idea in Shipping

Learn how doubled their shipping throughput without adding iDimension® dimensioners and Logistyx Ship-IT™ software.

Sas Single Animal Livestock Scale

Fair Weight

A 4-H group helped build a scale barn and upgrade the Polk County Fair’s livestock weighing system to Rice Lake’s Legal for Trade SAS single animal livestock scale to increase efficiency and comply with future state legislation.

New Way To Ship

A New Way to Ship

The story of one online retailer’s journey across the big blue of billable weight changes with iDimension® 300.

Patcherie Trees

Going the Distance

From remote to local locations, there is no limit to where you will find Rice Lake. The summer 2015 edition of Rice Lake Magazine highlights exciting scale and process control applications around the world—including sites you might not expect.

Yap Prev

A Treasured Island

At Wa’ab Community Health Center in Yap, the staff uses a Rice Lake Competitor Series body composition analyzer to help educate Yapese locals about their body composition and healthy living.

Prcision Loads

Onboard with Precision Loads

Rice Lake's non-Legal for Trade onboard vehicle weighing system empowers vacuum truck drivers to monitor their collection weights.


Onboard with TradeRoute

LFI needed a Legal for Trade onboard scale, but their treacherous delivery routes through Canada’s rough country roads would demand the most durable solution. They installed TradeRoute, a Legal for Trade onboard scale.

920I Weighcenter

A Winning Investment

Bringing the scale to the cattle captures lost revenue and can save thousands of dollars on shrink. Read how Rice Lake livestock scales are a cash cow for profits.

Ammo Hero

Legend of the Ammo Box

Rice Lake Weighing Systems' founder, Donald B. Johnson, turned ammo boxes into shipping containers for worn scale parts.

1 US APP Roughdeck EQ Juliet (1)

Stable Weight

At Leading Edge Veterinary Services in Springbrook, Wisconsin, large animal veterinarians Dr. Abagail Mickelson, DVM, and Dr. Ed Metcalf, DVM, rely on a Rice Lake animal scale and digital weight indicator to weigh equine patients.

1 US Clamp On And Transend Close

Elevating Safety with the MSI Clamp-On Load Cell

Cranes and other overhead equipment are often used in manufacturing to transport products and it’s no different at Rice Lake Weighing Systems. We use multiple overhead lifting systems to transport steel I-beams, truck scale modules and more throughout our manufacturing facilities. 

Brazos Hero

Bonds of Trust

Brazos Valley Equine Hospital added a RoughDeck® EQ horse scale to their treatment facility, helping them provide the best care and build lasting relationships with their patients.

1 US Application RLWS Shipping Dimensiong (2)

Outgoing Shipments? Look Up!

At Rice Lake Weighing Systems, we use our iDimension parcel and pallet dimensioners throughout our mailroom and shipping department to ensure compliance, track shipping costs and record shipment condition to simplify any damage claims processing.

WEB SC ARTI Trirx Tank Iqube

VIRTUlink Optimizes Uptime for TriRX Pharmaceutical Services

TriRX Pharmaceutical Services used the VIRTUlink IoT gateway system and web application to interface with load cells on large-capacity tanks and the iQUBE² digital junction box. This system provides real-time diagnostics to streamline troubleshooting and maintenance.

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