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In-Motion Checkweighers

MotoWeigh® in-motion weighing checkweighers and industrial metal detection systems offer a broad selection of features and options to maximize efficiency. Rice Lake Weighing Systems will help design a MotoWeigh system to meet all of your application needs, no matter the production environment. 


MotoWeigh® Return on Investment Calculator

Use the MotoWeigh return on investment (ROI) calculator to determine how quickly you can see the benefits of an in-motion checkweigher in your production line. The MotoWeigh ROI calculator uses the line speed and operating time, product costs, package overfill and checkweigher accuracy to estimate your yearly savings and how many operating days it will take to recover the cost of the system.

Visit the MotoWeigh ROI Calculator


MotoWeigh® IMW In-Motion Checkweighers and Conveyor Scales

MotoWeigh® in-motion scale weighing systems offer a broad selection of features and options to maximize in-motion conveyor weighing and checkweighing efficiency.

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MotoWeigh® Metal Detection Systems

MotoWeigh Metal Detection Systems are designed to detect disturbances in a generated magnetic field, making them better suited for products varying in size, shape and orientation.

1 US ELS Weigh Stand Prototype WEB Main

ELS Series Elevated Load Cell Stands

Rice Lake Weighing Systems’ ELS Series elevated load cell stands are made to replace existing legs on a conveyor to convert it into a scale.

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RT-M Roller Top Scale

Roller top checkweighers allow users to verify the weight of packages up to 100 pounds, ensuring customers receive the correct quantity of products.

WEB SC Cascade

MotoWeigh® Cascade Scale

The Motoweigh® Cascade Scale in-motion gravity drop checkweigher offers increased efficiency, as well as product consistency in a compact package.

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MotoWeigh® Integrator

Motoweigh Integrators have stainless steel construction along with four levels of security.

WEB SC A D Inspection

A&D Inspection Checkweighers

The AD-4961 Series checkweigher from A&D is equipped with rejecter output, alarm output and metal detector input for a high level of precision checkweighing at 0.08 grams.

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