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Livestock Instrumentation

Rice Lake has created instrumentation specifically to meet the needs of the ranching industry. This instrumentation can be used in Legal for Trade applications and stands up to the demands of the toughest jobs.

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920i® with Group Weighing Software Livestock, Multiple Animal, Digital Weight Indicator

This Livestock Weigh Center features a built-in 920i indicator and ticket printer in a weatherproof enclosure.

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920i® with Rate of Gain Software Livestock, Single Animal, Digital Weight Indicator

The 920i® Livestock Indicator can be equipped with group weighing or single animal Rate of Gain software. With its USB port, animal weight results can be transferred to a flash drive and uploaded to a PC database or spreadsheet.

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482-AG Livestock Digital Weight Indicator

Rice Lake’s dual-power 482-AG livestock digital weight indicator is the ideal Legal for Trade indicator for the ranch or farm. The 482-AG is specifically programmed for animal handling needs.


380 Synergy Series Digital Weight Indicator

The 380 Synergy Series indicator is ideal for straightforward weighing systems including portable warehouse scales and material handling applications.

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