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Calibration Weight Accessories and Cases

Rice Lake Weighing Systems offers a variety of accessories and cases for calibration weights including dust covers, gloves and other safe handling equipment. Our cases can be used in clean rooms and for single weights or sets.

Transfer Equipment 1

Transfer Equipment

Transfer Equipment

Transfer Cart 1

Transfer Cart

For use on smooth, level surfaces, ergonomically designed carts let you quickly and easily handle large cast iron weights.

Gloves 1


Protect your weights from the trace amounts of oil and residue that could be left by your bare hands. Available in vinyl or cotton, one size fits most.

Clean Room Cases

Clean Room Acrylic Cases for Calibration Weights

Clean room calibration weight cases are ideal for clean room environments and provide compliance for stringent clean room requirements.

WEB SC Polycarbonate Cases For Single Weights

Polycarbonate Case for Single Calibration Weight

Polycarbonate Case for Single Calibration Weight

ABS Plastic Cases 1

Medium-Duty Cases

ABS plastic is considered superior for its hardness, gloss, toughness, and electrical insulation properties. These protective properties translate to ultimate protection of your weights investment. Choose between three sizes of ABS plastic weight cases.

Heavy-Duty Cases 1

Heavy-Duty Cases

Heavy-Duty Cases are idea for custom weight sets and excellent for transporting weights.

Pelican Cases

Pelican Calibration Weight Cases

Choose between two sizes of the largest weight cases Rice Lake has to offer. Hinged latches ensure ultimate security of your weights in storage and during transportation.


Replacement Cases

Replacement Cases

Leatherette Cases 1

Light-Duty Single Weight Cases

Light-duty single weight cases can be used for storage and shipping smaller capacity weights within additional materials.

WEB SC Sealing Plugs

Sealing Plugs

Sealing Plugs

Dust Covers

Canvas Dust Covers

Keep your weights clean and calibration in check with these fitted dust covers, made of durable, long-lasting canvas. Available in large sizes in both metric and avoirdupois weight units.

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