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From frac sand transfer stations and onboard vehicle systems to weighing coal on an in-motion conveyor belt, the energy industry relies on Rice Lake solutions.

Combining Durability and Accuracy

The energy industry means tough work that needs scale equipment to stand up to the challenges of long-use, demanding materials and harsh conditions with uncompromising accuracy. From fracking and coal mining to natural gas, renewable energy and petroleum, Rice Lake has developed a series of scale and process control products built tough for the heavy-duty, precise requirements of energy operations.

SURVIVOR® truck scales are designed for maximum durability and accuracy—two factors that have significant impact on any energy operation’s bottom line. Every model is NTEP Certified up to 16.5 feet wide. The SURVIVOR superior weighbridge design is certified from 70,000 pounds up to 140,000 pounds Concentrated Load Capacity (CLC), depending on model. SURVIVOR truck scales are designed to support 250 trucks per day for 25 years without weighbridge failure—all backed by a five-year warranty.

Extreme durability enables Rice Lake belt scales to move more bulk material like frac sand and coal with refined accuracy. The entire belt scale line easily handles capacities up to 10,000 tons per hour, delivering real-time statistical data through a variety of wired, fiber optic and wireless network options. Our expanded networking capabilities enable the integrator to communicate with printers, PCs, remote displays, PLCs and other peripheral equipment.

Rice Lake onboard weighing systems install directly on conventional truck and tank frames for real-time weight measurement. For precise measurement usage such as fracking, specialized high-accuracy systems will monitor proppant volume and flow, while communicating inventory and other data to a control facility. Standard-accuracy systems ensure payloads are maximized and overloads are eliminated for trucks hauling water, sand or mud. Whether selecting Rice Lake’s Legal for Trade, NTEP Certified TradeRoute® system or a standard accuracy LoadRunner™ model, Rice Lake onboard systems guarantee a quick return on investment.

Railway Weighing Solutions

The economical and space-saving RailBoss™ railroad scale typically takes less than eight hours to install and is less than one-third the cost of other rail scales. The RailBoss system is a series of 5-foot, 10-inch rail sections specially fitted with strain gauges to accurately measure rail car total gross weight. The system provides total car weight plus weight readings for individual rail trucks, assuring optimal car loads when transporting materials. RailBoss can be installed as either an eight-section full-draft or four-section double-draft system.

Legal for Trade SURVIVOR railroad track scales use Rice Lake’s best-in-class weighbridge design to create a rugged and accurate heavy-duty weighing system. Available in RT pit-type and PL modular models, SURVIVOR railroad track scales are designed for decades of accurate static weighing. The SURVIVOR RT is a pit-type rail and truck combination scale that can weigh rail cars and highway motor vehicles positioned on the scale, adding weighing versatility to energy enterprises. Combined with Rice Lake’s 920i® indicator and iQUBE²® junction box, automatic load processing can be accomplished while protecting the system from transient voltage spikes. The 920i can also interface with existing PLCs to provide the ultimate in automation.

For the best heavy-duty, rugged scale equipment and sophisticated measurement and process control products, the energy industry relies on Rice Lake. From onboard petroleum tank trucks and frac sand transfer stations to weighing coal on an in-motion conveyor belt, Rice Lake energy solutions provide enterprises the tools needed to meet the demands of business.

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