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RailBoss® Rail Scale

  • 80,000 lb axle capacity
  • 320,000 lb full scale capacity
  • 40,000 lb rail section capacity
  • 90 RA, 100 ARA-A, 115 RE, 132 RE, 133 RE or 136 RE rail sections
  • 5 ft 10 in rail sections, pre-drilled for joint bars
  • Quick-disconnect cable connection with MS style connector

Full Draft Package Includes:

  • (8) 5 ft 10 in rail sections
  • 30 ft of connecting cable per rail section
  • Pre-drilled joint bars with connection hardware
  • (2) Rice Lake junction boxes with transient protection
  • 30 ft of homerun cable

Double Draft Package Includes:

  • (4) 5 ft 10 in rail sections
  • 30 ft of connecting cable per rail section
  • Pre-drilled joint bars with connection hardware
  • (1) Rice Lake junction box with transient protection
  • 30 ft of homerun cable


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LOGO FM Approved

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm California Proposition 65

RailBoss® Rail Scales Fit Your Yard and Budget

Running balanced rail cars at or near capacity assures the greatest efficiency and profit. RailBoss eliminates the guesswork of volumetric measuring and variable tare weights. With RailBoss, underloading, incorrect billing, overloading, rejection and fines can all be avoided.

RailBoss provides the accuracy needed for checkweighing, process monitoring, filling, record keeping and maintaining safe loads. Trains not being weighed can move across the scale at normal line speed without affecting the scale.

RailBoss' simple and straightforward design also makes it a seamless replacement for similar rail scales.

Robust Rail Car Weighing

RailBoss is a series of five-feet, 10-inch rail sections fitted with strain gauges to accurately measure the gross weight of rail cars. Each section of rail is an individual weighbridge for a single wheel. The system provides total car weight plus weight readings for individual rail trucks. Rail cars can be positioned in various ways: track mobile, tug motors, locomotives or other convenient means. Once the rail car is in position, Rice Lake's weight indicator displays the weight. Choose the 1280 Enterprise™ Series for large, color touchscreen convenience or the 920i® for standard operation.

RailBoss is designed for rail cars with five-feet, nine-inch to five-feet, 11-inch truck centers and can be installed in any location that has straight and level track for at least three car lengths. RailBoss sections
are bolted onto existing track and ties, minimizing installation time and disruption of rail traffic. The standard RailBoss utilizes 90RA, 115RE or 132RE rail. Custom rail sizes are also available.

Load Cells:
40,000 lb

≤ 0.25% error typical, interchangeable with other gaged rail products

Full Scale Capacity:
320,000 lb

Axle Capacity:
80,000 lb

Two-year limited warranty

Intrinsic Safety
Class I, II, III, Division 1, Groups ABCDEFG

• Custom rail sizes are available
• 920i® indicator with RailBoss software for full-draft or double-draft applications*
• Custom cable lengths
*Non Legal for Trade

• 482 Legend Series indicator
• Attachment hardware for 90RA, 115RE and 132RE rail

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