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Package and Parcel Dimensioners

iDimension static dimensioning systems automatically measure parcels and packages. A small footprint allows for easy integration into current workstations or retail environments.

iDimension Plus Dimensioning System

iDimension Plus/Plus XL Static Dimensioning System

The iDimension Plus static dimensioning system automatically measures parcels and irregular packages in less than 0.2 seconds. A small footprint allows for easy integration into current workstations or retail environments.

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iDimension® Plus Mobile Cart

The rugged iDimension Plus Mobile powered carts consist of 30” and 48” long workstations that hold and power the iDimension Plus dimensioner and other hardware including scales, laptops/thin clients/CPUs and printers up to 12+ hours at a time or 24/7 operation

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iDimension PWD Pallet Weighing and Dimensioning System

The iDimension® PWD dimensioner and scale system provides shippers with the dimensions and weight of palletized shipments, empowering users to identify the correct freight class and reduce the risk of non-compliance fees from carriers.

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iDimension® Flex Series Parcel and Pallet Dimensioning System

The iDimension Flex Series ensures accurate dimensions on your bill of lading and protect against costly invoice corrections from LTL carriers.

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iDimension SS Integration Software

iDimension SS is a robust, dynamic application for managing scan data captured by iDimension Dimensioning Solutions to provide a complete solution.

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