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Rice Lake scales are designed to support the intense demands of the military and law enforcement industry. Equipment from tough floor scales to high-tech wheel weigh pads keeps operations running smoothly when it matters most. Our equipment is available on GSA, making it ideal for purchasing through our Schedule Contract.


Rice Lake on GSA

GSA is a service of the U.S. General Services Administration to help you purchase our products through Schedule Contracts.

Rice Lake Products on GSA

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  • Easy-to-use GSA eBuy website

Vehicle Weighing Equipment

Weigh Pad Scales

Durable, accurate equipment is non-negotiable when measuring weight in rugged military environments. Passengers, baggage, and vehicles all require frequent weighing during mobility and deployment, meaning high-quality scales are essential. Rice Lake’s Load Ranger weigh pad scale is designed for mobile, temporary vehicle and aircraft weighing in restricted spaces. Ideal for periodically verifying weights of incoming or outgoing vehicles and aircrafts, Load Ranger wheel pads wirelessly determine wheel and axle weights, individually or up to seven sets. With capacities between 3,000 and 44,000 pounds, Load Ranger scales offer a portable weighing solution for military vehicles of virtually any size.

Floor and Pallet Jack Scales

Floor Scale Systems

Scales are also essential to military bases, used to weigh cargo such as food, bedding, and ammunition. Rice Lake’s RoughDeck® Rough-N-Ready floor scale system is packed with an industrial-strength floor scale and a choice between five weight indicators. The Rough-N-Ready makes a rugged yet accurate solution for weighing during military mobility and deployment.

Pallet Jack Scales

Rice Lake’s RL-HPJ hand pallet jack scale allows operators to weigh and transport pallets in one smooth motion, saving time and boosting efficiency. Ideal for material handling, inventory control, and logistics, this pallet jack scale provides an integrated digital indicator to give clear weight readouts in any lighting condition.

Overhead Weighing Equipment

Crane Scales

Rice Lake’s MSI brand of overhead weighing equipment provides durable military solutions including tension dynamometers, crane scales, suspended dial and electronic scales, and portable and permanent monorail scales. Whether you need custom overload protection or a simple load monitoring device, MSI has a product to fit your unique requirements. Master challenging, high-temperature environments using proven load-sensing systems designed with a minimum of 5:1 Ultimate Safety Factor.

Load Cells

Load Cells and Weigh Modules

Our load cells and weigh modules power each Rice Lake scale used in military operations. Available in a variety of material and model types, Rice Lake’s extensive selection of load cells and weigh modules are engineered to provide reliable performance in highly demanding environments. 

Calibration Weights

Cast Iron and Stainless Steel Weights

Because weighing is so essential to military operations, regular calibration is needed to help users avoid downtime and keep processes moving. Rice Lake offers both cast iron and stainless steel calibration weights engineered to maintain scale accuracy and help meet Legal for Trade standards. Electronic balance, precision, and precision laboratory weights are also available for highly sensitive Rice Lake Weighing Systems provides highly accurate, industrial-grade weighing equipment ideal for military use.

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