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Belt Scale Systems

Belt scale systems are used to monitor material flow rate at a variety of work sites including mines, quarries, bulk material blending and processing facilities, and truck, rail or barge load-out sites.

Belt scale weigh frames are installed on conveyor belts to ensure accurate and consistent material flow rates. Conveyor belts are supported by weigh frames that consist of load cells, rollers or idlers resting on the load cells, and speed sensors typically installed in tail pulleys on the conveyor belt.

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Master™ 221DB Belt Scale Weigh Frame

Medium to Heavy Capacity - The 221DB is suitable for most belt widths and capacities and is ideal in various market segments.

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Master™ 311M Belt Scale Weigh Frame

Medium to Heavy Capacity - The 311M belt scale weigh frame is often used in dosing belts that can regulate the capacity of a bulk flow using the measured value and a controlled belt speed.

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Master™ 211 Belt Scale Weigh Frame

Medium to Heavy Capacity - The 211 Master belt scale weigh frame consists of an inner frame mounted in two friction-free pivots, creating a solid weighing frame ideally suited for heavy-duty applications.

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Master™ 14X Belt Scale Weigh Frame

Medium to Heavy Capacity - The 14x Master belt scale model weighs three idlers on an inner frame that is supported by four load cells, making it the most accurate belt scale in high-capacity, high belt speed applications.

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Master™ 421 Belt Scale Weigh Frame

Light Capacity - The 421 Master belt scale weigh frame is specifically designed for high volume, low density applications where belt load and belt speed are moderate.

WEB SC Weighframe

BCi Belt Scale Weigh Frame

Medium to Heavy Capacity - Rice Lake's durable BCi belt scale weigh frame is ideal for mining, quarries, bulk material blending, process control operations and load-out applications. 


882D Belt Scale Integrator

Designed with belt scales in mind, the 882D Belt Scale Integrator delivers the data required in a compact package.

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920i® Belt Scale Integrator

The 920i Belt Scale Integrator has a large LCD graphical display with the ability to display rate and speed time by hour, minute or second. 

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Speed Sensor

The speed sensor monitors the belt speed and is directly coupled to a rotating shaft which drives a signal generator.

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