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Videos and Webinars

Rice Lake produces videos for informational, technical and sales-related needs. The following videos are available for immediate viewing or download. 

Titleslide 4260M

The MSI-4260M is the Ultimate Crane Scale for Commercial Fishing

Rice Lake Weighing Systems’ MSI-4260M Port-a-Weigh crane scale was made for marine and industrial weighing.

Rail Scales TN

Rice Lake’s Rail Scales and Configurations

Rice Lake Weighing Systems offers three different rail scales: Survivor RT, Survivor PL and RailBoss.

Simple Retail Scales

Simple Retail Scale Solutions

Rice Lake offers the ultimate choices for simple price computing applications such as supermarkets, bakeries, delis and more!

CLS Series Sales Video TN

Weigh, Transfer and Collect Data with Forklift Scales

Eliminate the need for extra steps in your material handling process. Instead of bringing product to the scale, put a scale where your product already goes—on your forklift.

EXP Wheelchairmeasuring (1)

How to Measure a Wheelchair to Find the Right Size Scale

Measuring a wheelchair to find the right size scale is not always easy. Wheelchairs come in a variety of styles, sizes and number of wheels. To correctly measure a wheelchair for a scale the width and length need to be calculated.


ScaleTalk: How to Access the Configuration Menu on the 380 Synergy Series

In this episode of ScaleTalk, we demonstrate how to access the CONFIG menu on Rice Lake's 380 Synergy Series digital weight indicator.

380 Calibration Tn

ScaleTalk: 380 Synergy Series Setup & Calibration

In this episode of ScaleTalk, we demonstrate the process of setting up and calibrating Rice Lake's 380 Synergy Series digital weight indicator.

Cargo Weighing Tn

Take Cargo Weighing to the Next Level

To efficiently and quickly weigh and dimension parcels, freight and cargo, trust in Rice Lake.

Scaletalk Types Of Comm Web Tn

ScaleTalk: Three Types of Communication in the Weighing Industry

In this episode of ScaleTalk, we explain the difference between Simplex, Half Duplex and Full Duplex communication.

Capacity Vs Build Tn

ScaleTalk: What's the Difference Between Scale Capacity and Scale Build?

Scale capacity and scale build are terms used in the weighing industry to configure or calculate scale data. Learn the difference by watching this episode of Rice Lake's ScaleTalk.

Types Of Crane Scales Tn

Types of Crane Scales

Crane scales, tension meters and integrated solutions not only increase safety, but also efficiency by providing real-time load monitoring. Rice Lake Weighing Systems offers a variety of solutions for every weighing need, including overhead weighing.

Overload Protection With Benchmark Bench Scales Thumbnail

Overload Protection with BenchMark Bench Scales

Rice Lake's BenchMark® bench scales have overload protection built into the scale design, as well as additional safeguards. Renowned as the industry's most durable and more reliable bench scales, BenchMark bench scales protect the load cell from potential damage.

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