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Videos and Webinars

Rice Lake produces videos for informational, technical and sales-related needs. The following videos are available for immediate viewing or download. 


Adjusting ATOL (Average Time of Lock) on Rice Lake Medical Indicators

ATOL (average time of lock) can be adjusted to increase or decrease the time needed to capture weight. Follow the instructions in this video to adjust ATOL on Rice Lake medical indicators.

Scalecore Webtn

What Is MSI ScaleCore Webserver?

Rice Lake’s MSI ScaleCore Webserver is a network interface with a built-in web-browser allowing remote monitoring of your scale system from virtually anywhere. It can be used to monitor individual scale weights or sum several scales together.

Scaletalk Rl Dbs TN

ScaleTalk: How to Calibrate Rice Lake's Digital Baby Scale With Metric Weights

In this episode of ScaleTalk, we demonstrate how to set up Rice Lake's digital baby scale to use metric weights. We then walk you through the process of calibration with certified test weights.

Title MSI Integrated Solutions

Get to Know MSI Integrated Solutions

Rice Lake’s MSI overhead weighing equipment provides dynamic weighing solutions specifically designed for seamless integration.

Jbox Web Tn

Now You Know Junction Boxes

A junction box is required to properly manage multiple load cell systems. Rice Lake junction boxes are designed to withstand the elements and keep sensitive electronics protected.

Idim PWD TN Web

iDimension PWD Demonstration

In this overview video, we demonstrate the iDimension PWD dimensioner in action.

Clamp On Web Tn

Get to Know Rice Lake’s MSI Clamp-On Load Cell

Clamp-On load cells are designed to be used with crane rigging, clevis and attachment overhead weighing applications. The Clamp-On load cell is easily installed with minimal headroom loss on new or existing hoists for wire ropes ranging from 3/8" to ¾” diameter.

Title Slide Dimensional Weight

What is Dimensional Weight and Why is it Important?

Dimensional weighing is all about volume and space optimization.

Rice Lake’s iDimension® Series captures images of packages, flats, poly bags, tubes and irregular-shaped items in record time to calculate the dimensions of your packages for shipment.

Uni 3 Preset Tn

ScaleTalk: Creating a Preset Key on the Uni-3

This episode of ScaleTalk demonstrates how to create a preset key on the Ishida Uni-3 retail scale.

682 Batching Tn

682 Synergy Plus Batching Capabilities

Learn about the batching capabilities of Rice Lake's 682 Synergy Plus digital weight indicator.

682 Truck Mode Tn

682 Synergy Plus Truck Mode

Learn about the 682 Plus Synergy Series' built-in truck mode for vehicle weighing applications.

Dyna Web Tn

When to Use a Dynamometer

Dynamometers are overhead weighing solutions designed to measure tension statically, with the pulling force in a straight line.

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