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Having the correct software to support your product is essential for proper functionality. Rice Lake carries software to support all of the products we sell.

WEB SC Myrias Logo

Myrias®️ Integrated Software Solution

Myrias is an enterprise software, helping businesses improve operations and drive growth across numerous industry sectors. Myrias captures, monitors and reports weight data—empowering companies to make enhanced decisions by incorporating scale data.

1 WEB SC Ontrak White

OnTrak® Enterprise Truck Data Management Software

Supporting an unlimited number of scales, OnTrak® Enterprise has web server capabilities, allowing PCs and handheld devices to access the software from a network server. 

WEB SC Ontrack Software

OnTrak® Truck Scale Data Management

OnTrak software is an effective data management tool for truck scale operations that use Rice Lake Automated Ticketing Kiosk (ATK) systems.

RL Web Display Software

RL Web Display Remote Scale Monitoring Software

RL Web Display software for viewing indicators and remote displays from a network server.

WEB SC Virtui2

VIRTUi²® PC-based HMI for iQUBE²®

VIRTUi² is the second generation of virtual indicators, providing the functionality of a basic weight indicator and placing it right on your computer screen.

SC Virtulink Systems

VIRTUlink Cloud Accessible Alerts and Scale Monitoring

VIRTUlink™ connects weighing equipment to the cloud, enabling data from networked devices to be utilized for a wide variety of business and operational decisions.

WEB Weigh Vault Screen

WeighVault® Web Application with Middleware Services

WeighVault for CW-90, CW-90X and Counterpart® is a comprehensive software package that stores and manages data on your PC.

WEB SC Winwedge TAL Wedge Software

WinWedge® TAL Wedge Software

WinWedge is software that acts as a software wedge for an RS-232 or Ethernet device for meters, balances, scales or any RS-232 instrument into Excel, Access or any Windows application or web page.

Interchange (3)

Interchange Database Management Software

Interchange database management software is used to set up a custom job file for each weight indicator database needed for export.

WEB SC Revolution Software LOGO

Revolution® Scale Software

Revolution software is an extremely user-friendly tool for configuring the broadest range of Rice Lake equipment using your PC.

WEB SC Irev 920

iRev™​ Software for the 920i®

iRev software has been tailored to make configuring and programming the 920i extremely user-friendly.

WEB SC Proaction Logo

ProAction Software for the 720i™​

ProAction can bring up prompts, store and retrieve product and job information, compare and accumulate weight, read inputs, control outputs, start tasks depending on time of day, and more.

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