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OnTrak® Truck Scale Data Management Software

  • Supports systems using Windows® 7 and newer
  • Microsoft SQL Server Express client/server database (free edition)
  • Comprehensive report filters
  • User and administrator roles
  • Backup and restore supported via SQL Server Management Studio freely available through Microsoft
  • Unlimited charge/discount per product
  • Ship or Receive mode for each transaction
  • Exclusive database for: customer, hauler, truck, product, job, price/discount, tax, transaction
  • Ethernet TCP/IP or RS-232 connectivity
  • Supports VIRTUi/VIRTUi2® or Rice Lake weight indicators
  • .CSV transaction file export
  • Supports one or two scales

The OnTrak download has a very large file size (2.8 GB). Please make sure you have a high-bandwidth, reliable Internet connection before attempting to download. If you experience any difficulties do not hesitate to contact our technical sales department at 715-234-9171.

Download OnTrak Software

Optional Features:

  • Image capture with Ethernet camera TCP/IP (requires SQL Server Standard or better through Microsoft)
  • Interface to non-Rice Lake weight indicators
  • Custom reports
  • Database configuration
  • Field installation and training
  • Factory phone support




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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm California Proposition 65

Get More from Your Truck Scale Kiosk

OnTrak software is an effective data management tool for truck scale operations that use Rice Lake Automated Ticketing Kiosk (ATK) systems.

OnTrak, installed on a PC, uses information from your ATK system for more detailed reporting functions. Quickly view, print, or export weight data as XML files for use in spreadsheets and more.

Apply OnTrak’s reporting features to a wide range of industries. OnTrak is incredibly easy to use, and can be installed and configured without the need for additional support staff.


System Requirements:
Windows® 7 and newer (x64 systems)

10 GB max database size when using included Micosoft SQL Server Express.
Unlimited database size when using a purchased edition (contact Microsoft for details on purchasing a licensed edition of SQL Server)

Support for multiple printers
Supports all Rice Lake indicator interfaces
Supports VIRTUi/VIRTUi2 interface
920i based Automated Ticketing Kiosks
Optional Drivers available for non-Rice Lake weight indicators


Transaction Ticket:
User defined ticket formatting

Comprehensive report filters
Optional custom reports

Export Data:
File transfer via XML transaction; exported reports can be saved as PDF/XLS; configurable transaction data export in .CSV file format

Transaction Calculations:
Unlimited product prices and discounts
Tax calculations (does not integrate directly to financial software)

Software Support:
Database configuration, field installation and training available
Phone support packages available
Contact Rice Lake for further options

NTEP CC 05-107

Truck ID
Customer ID
Weigh In T and D
Weigh Out T and D
Gross Weight
Tare Weight
Net Weight
Tare Type
Ship Mode

Transaction Charge:
Transaction #
Charge Name
Charge Rate
Charge Type

Product Name
Product ID
Minimum Charge

Product Charge:
Job ID
Job Name
Job Closed
Customer #

Job Price:
Job #
Product #
Amount Ordered
Amount Delivered

Truck ID
Are Acquired
Tare Expiration
Tare Type
Minimum Weight
Maximum Weight
Radio Tag ID
Customer ID
Job #
Product #
Hauler #

Contact Name

Weigh In:
Truck ID
Customer ID
Job #
Product #
Weigh In TandD
Weight Value

Charge Name
Charge Rate
Charge Type

Discount Schedule:

Line 1
Line 2
Line 3
Postal Code

Customer ID
Bill to Address
Ship to Address
Contact Name

Contact Name
Discount Level

Customer Charge:
Customer ID
Charge #

Resources / Downloads

Title Download Email
OnTrak Catalog Page Download Email

Title Version Revision Download Email Category Archived
OnTrak Truck Scale Data Management Operation Manual H Download Email Software|Vehicle Scale Accessories|Vehicle Scale System No
OnTrak Quick Reference Guide A Download Email Vehicle Scale Accessories|Vehicle Scale System|Software No
OnTrak Software Installation Instructions A Download Email Vehicle Scale Accessories|Vehicle Scale System|Software|Truck Scales No

Title Collateral Wizard Request Download Email Category
OnTrak Truck Scale Data Management Request Download Email Software|Vehicle Scale Accessories

Title Version Size Release Date Download Email
OnTrak Help Files 1 2.6 MB 01/22/2010 Download Email

Title View Download Email Category
How to Determine if You have a 32-bit or 64-bit Operating System View Download Email Vehicle Scale Accessories


Part # Description List Price Cart
104787 Activation Code OnTrak Activation Code For OnTrak Ticketing Software

List Price: $1,395.00

101062 LIT,USB OnTrack Software

List Price: $80.00


Part # Description List Price Cart
104789 OnTrak Phone Support 1HR 1 Hour OnTrak Phone Support

List Price: $125.00

104790 OnTrak Phone Support10HR 10 Hours Phone Support For OnTrak Ticketing Software

List Price: $1,250.00

104791 OnTrak Phone Support 25HR 25 Hours Phone Support For OnTrak Ticketing Software

List Price: $3,125.00

104792 OnTrak Phone Support 50HR 50 Hours Phone Support For OnTrak Ticketing Software

List Price: $6,250.00

101003 LIT,Manual OnTrak OnTrak Truck Scale Data Management Software

List Price: $55.00

Consult Non-Rice Lake indicator interface

Call for price

Consult Custom reports

Call for price

Consult Database configuration

Call for price

FLD-INSTALL Field Installation

Call for price

Replacement Parts

Replacement parts can only be purchased through trained and authorized dealers. You must be logged in as a dealer to view any available replacement parts.

To locate a dealer in your area, please call us at 1-800-472-6703 or fill out a request online.

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