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Logistics Industry

Logistics & Transportation

From stock inventory and outgoing package weights to LTL material handling and pallet dimensions, Rice Lake offers comprehensive logistic solutions.

Add Efficiency to Logistics and Material Handling

Logistic departments are busy, material-handling environments, and they require equipment and tools that simplify processes and enhance efficiency. With many carriers enacting dimensional weight pricing, shipping departments will need to re-evaluate their material packaging and shipping processes to deter fines and compliance issues. From stock inventory and outgoing package weights to LTL material handling and pallet dimensions, Rice Lake offers comprehensive logistic solutions that not only deter fees and compliance issues but optimize shipping and warehouse operations to save time and money.

To ensure shipping and receiving departments adhere to dimensional weight (dim weight) shipping prices, Rice Lake offers iDimension™ Series dimensioning systems as a compliance solution. Ideal for packages ranging from tabletop flats and polybags to boxes, tubes and LTL multi-piece pallets, the iDimension Series has dimensioning systems for many logistic environments. iDimension Series dimensioning systems use high-resolution cameras, workplace-safe sensing technology and 3D imaging to convert packages and irregular object shapes into accurate, cubed dimensions. Unlike other dimensioning systems on the market, iDimension systems are designed for busy warehouses and shipping departments by requiring virtually no time-consuming special parcel handling or alignment.

Designed to save time and resources in any busy warehouse or shipping department, the iDimension Plus, iDimension Plus XL and iDimension Plus Mobile automatically measure parcels and irregular packages in less than a second. iDimension Plus systems have a small footprint that allows them to be easily integrated into existing work environments. For more installation flexibility, the iDimension Plus XL can be easily installed over a conveyor or from a ceiling mount while the iDimension Plus Mobile allows users to take the dimensioner and optional scales directly to the products.

Streamline Pallet Processing

For larger material handling and package weights, Rice Lake’s RoughDeck® floor scales are the toughest, most accurate floor scales available. RoughDeck’s rugged and durable design minimizes deck deflection and extraneous forces that could damage load cells. These features, along with RoughDeck’s superior structural design, make it unique compared to other floor scales on the market.

Rice Lake’s CLS Series forklift scale attachment enhances efficiency in any shipping department or loading bay terminal. The CLS allows LTL freight material handlers to weigh pallets during the material handling process, saving time and money. CLS forklift scales mount directly to any Class II or Class III forklift and are built with the utmost quality in product design. Used in conjunction with an iDimension LTL dimensioning system, the CLS provides logistic operators and managers accurate weight and dimensional data to ship pallets with confidence.

Logistic departments require durable equipment to simplify material handling processes, enhance shipping efficiency and maintain postal compliance. Rice Lake offers the highest-quality and most cutting-edge weight-related and measurement tools for the logistics industry—all backed by legendary customer support.

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