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iQUBE²® Digital Diagnostic Junction Box

  • iQUBE2 board has four A/D channels
  • Supports networking up to four boards, for 16 A/D channels; connection can be up to four separate platforms with a system total, or four separate scale systems
  • Diagnostic routines for weighing errors and system health
  • Cell tests for overloaded, underloaded, zero reference, drift, noise and unbalanced conditions
  • Onboard status LEDs for communication and visual bi-color indication of cell health
  • Cell emulator compensates for load cell failure until a repair can be made
  • Cal-Match® algorithm automatically trims and calibrates the scale in one pass of test weights (stopping over each mount)
  • Standard communications
  • Option card slot for fiber optic, Ethernet TCP/IP, wireless TCP/IP, USB or RS-232/RS-485
  • Communicates to 920i®, 1280, VIRTUi2® using ASCII (EDP) serial commands
  • Truck and railroad scales
  • Tank and hopper scales
  • Multi-channel scales


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NTEP Logo UL Listed LOGO Measurementcanada Approved BW CE Mark

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm California Proposition 65

Identify Problems Before They Happen

Rice Lake Weighing Systems’ iQUBE2® digital diagnostic junction box compares the output of each load cell to adjacent load cells, ensuring optimal performance and warning operators of weight irregularities. iQUBE2 converts any analog load cell system into a modern digital system, without replacing individual load cells.

Enhance the Performance of Any Scale System

iQUBE2 is ideal for systems using single or multiple scales with two or more load cells. Floor scales, hopper scales, tank scales, vehicle scales and dosing systems can all benefit from an upgrade to the iQUBE2 digital diagnostic junction box system.

With accelerated data transfer, batching and dosing applications can efficiently achieve target weights when speed and accuracy are critical.

Instant Alerts and Cell Emulation

Diagnostics can be viewed on the user interface and an email alert is sent in the event of a component error. When a load cell fails, the cell emulation feature calculates weight based on known comparisons to functional load cells, keeping your scale functional until the load cell can be replaced.

Voltage Input: 
115/230 VAC power supply DC/DC converter for 9 to 36V
6 to 12 V DC to CPU

Analog Signal Input Range:    
-78 to +78 mV

Analog Signal Sensitivity:
0.3 uV/grad at 30 Hz
0.5 uV/grad at 100 Hz
1.2 uV/grad at 500 Hz

A/D Sampling Rate:
2.5 to 500 Hz (selectable)

Digital I/O:
Four per card, for push-button operation, setpoint control or cell status

Communication Ports:

Load Cell Inputs:
Four channels per board
up to four networked boards

Load Cell Excitation:
5 V DC, 57 mA maximum per channel

Temperature Range:
Certified: 14 °F to 104 °F (-10 °C to 40 °C)
Operating: -13 °F to 140 °F (-25 °C to 60 °C)
Storage: -13 °F to 158 °F (-25 °C to 70 °C)

Polycarbonate (NEMA Type 4X) enclosure with overlapping solid cover, stainless steel screws
Stainless steel (NEMA Type 4X) enclosure with hinged cover 

Two-year limited

NTEP 03-032A1
Measurement Canada AM-5561
cULus E151461
CE Marked


Stainless Steel 8 × 10 in
A 11.50 in (292 mm) E 6.00 in (152 mm)
B 10.30 in (262 mm) F 4.30 in (109 mm)
C 10.90 in (277 mm) G 4.20 in (107 mm)
D 8.30 in (211 mm)    
Polycarbonate 8 × 10 in
A 10.10 in (257 mm) E 4.00 in (102 mm)
B 9.50 in (241 mm) F 6.00 in (152 mm)
C 8.50 to 9.30 in (216 to 236 mm) G 5.70 in (145 mm)
D 8.50 in (216 mm)    
Polycarbonate 10 × 12 in
A 12.10 in (307 mm) E 6.00 in (152 mm)
B 11.50 in (293 mm) F 7.00 in (178 mm)
C 10.50 to 11.30 in (267 to 289 mm) G 6.70 in (170 mm)
D 9.30 in (236 mm)    

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iQUBE² Firmware v1.00 1.00.00 112.4 KB 02/24/2010 Download Email

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With AC Power Supply

Part # Description List Price Cart
108425 J-Box,IQUBE2,4 Channel Junction Box 10 x 8 inch Polycarbonate Enclosure Installed 115/230 VAC Power Supply.

List Price: $1,300.00

108426 J-Box,IQUBE2, 4 Channel Junction Box 12 x 10 Inch Polycarbonate Enclosure Installed 115/230 VAC Power Supply.

List Price: $1,500.00

108427 J-Box,iQube2, 8 Channel Junction Box 12 x 10 Inch Polycarbonate Enclosure Installed 115/230 VAC Power Supply.

List Price: $2,500.00

108428 J-Box,iQube2,4 Channel Junction Box 10 x 8 Inch SST Enclosure Installed 115/230 VAC Power Supply.

List Price: $2,450.00

Without Power Supply

Conduit Adapter


Power Supply, Transient Board and Enclosure

Part # Description List Price Cart
108433 Board Assy,IQube2 4 Channel CPU.

List Price: $1,000.00

97475 Power Supply,DC/DC +7.5V 9-36VDC Input 25 Watt

List Price: $255.00

108434 Power Supply,115/230 VAC 12VDC Output in FRP Enclosure, Remote Power Supply

List Price: $450.00

109396 Board,Transient Protection RoHS Compliant

List Price: $90.00

110949 Transient Board & Mount Includes Mounting Bracket for IQube2 Back Plate.

List Price: $110.00

161954 Industrial Hotspot,Cased FRP enclosure with 161936 industrial hotspot, power supply, and bulk head connector (w/ ground strap) for antenna.

List Price: $3,195.00

215178 Mounting Feet, New Style Mounting feet for new style JB4SP,JB4SPT,JB4EP,JB4EPT,JB8SP JB8SPT AND iQUBE enclosures. Set of 4 and includes 10-32 screws

List Price: $15.00

Communication Cards

Duplex Fiber (Max Run 350 ft)

Home Run Cable


920i Indicators for use with iQube2, requires version 4 software

1280 Indicators for use with iQUBE2

Replacement Parts

Replacement parts can only be purchased through trained and authorized dealers. You must be logged in as a dealer to view any available replacement parts.

To locate a dealer in your area, please call us at 1-800-472-6703 or fill out a request online.

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