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MS-70 / MX-50 / MF-50 / ML-50 Series, A&D Weighing Moisture Analyzers

  • Fast and uniform heating with halogen lamp and uniquely designed (secondary radiation assist) SRA filter
  • WinCT© communication tools software
  • Sodium tartrate dihydrate is provided as a stable moisture content for accuracy checks of the analyzer
  • Vacuum fluorescent display (VFD)
  • Glass window for heating check and easy cleaning
  • Self-check function
  • Quick reference card
  • RS-232 interface for connecting to printer or PC
  • GLP/ GMP/GCP/ISO compliant with time and date, ID, calibration data and check record outputs

Operating Modes:
Wet base, Dry base, Solid content, Ratio

Measurement Programs:
Standard, Automatic, Timer, Manual

120 VAC

Drying Temperature:
MS-70: 30 °C to 200 °C
MX-50, MF-50, ML-50: 50 °C to
200 °C (1° increment)

Measurement Program Memories:
MS-70, MX50: 20 sets
MF-50: 10 sets
ML-50: 5 sets

Data Memory:
MS-70, MX-50: 100
MF-50: 50
ML-50: 30

Moisture Content Display:
MS-70: 0.001%/0.01%/0.1%
MX-50: 0.01%/0.1%
MF-50: 0.05%/0.1%/1%
ML-50: 0.1%/1%

Moisture Content Accuracy Over 1 g:
MS-70: 0.05%
MX-50: 0.10%
MF-50: 0.20%
ML-50: 0.50%
Over 5 g:
MS-70: 0.01%
MX-50: 0.02%
MF-50: 0.05%
ML-50: 0.10%

Operating Temperature:
40 °F to 104 °F (5 °C to 40 °C)

Heating Technology:
Halogen lamp (straight type, 400 Watt max, 5,000 hours)

Est. Weight:
13 lb (5.9 kg)

Five-year limited

Return Policy:
A&D Weighing Standard Policy -
restock fee may apply

Model  Capacity Readability Pan Size Dimensions Part #


71 kg

0.0001 g

85 mm
(Ø 2.16 in)

215 x 320 x 173 mm
(8.46 x 12.6 x 6.8 in)



51 kg

0.001 g

85 mm
(Ø 2.16 in)

215 x 320 x 173 mm
(8.46 x 12.6 x 6.8 in)



51 kg

0.002 g

85 mm
(Ø 2.16 in)

215 x 320 x 173 mm
(8.46 x 12.6 x 6.8 in)



51 kg

0.005 g

85 mm
(Ø 2.16 in)

215 x 320 x 173 mm
(8.46 x 12.6 x 6.8 in)



Resources / Downloads

Title Download Email
MS-70/MX-50/MF-50/ML-50 Catalog Page Download Email

Title Version Revision Download Email Category Archived
A&D Weighing MS/MX/MF/ML Series Instruction Manual Download Email Precision Balances|Precision Measurement No

Title Collateral Wizard Request Download Email Category
A&D Weighing MS/MX/MF/ML Series Download Email Balances|Precision Balances


Part # Description List Price Cart
97821 Balance,A&D MS-70 Moisture Analyzer, 71g x 0.0001g (0.001%/0.01%/0.1% moisture content), 120VAC

List Price: $5,875.00

97822 Balance,A&D MX-50 Moisture Analyzer, 51g x 0.001g (0.01% moisture content), 120VAC

List Price: $3,650.00

97823 Balance,A&D MF-50 Moisture Analyzer, 51g x 0.002g (0.05% moisture content), 120VAC

List Price: $2,950.00

112408 Balance,A&D ML-50 Moisture Analyzer, 51g x 0.005g (0.1%/1%), 120VAC

List Price: $2,552.00


Part # Description List Price Cart
97824 Balance,Accessory, A&D AX-31, Samples Pans 85mm DIA, Washable, Pack of 100 each

List Price: $100.00

97825 Balance,Accessory, A&D AX-32-2, Glass Fiber Sheets (100 ea)

List Price: $55.00

97826 Balance,Accessory, A&D AX-33, Sodium Tartrate Dihydrate Test Samples (30g x 12 ea)

List Price: $88.00

97827 Balance,Accessory, A&D AX-34, Halogen Lamp (Replacement)

List Price: $67.00

97828 Balance,Accessory, A&D AX-35, Pan Handles (2 ea)

List Price: $29.00

97829 Balance,Accessory, A&D AX-36, Tweezers (2 ea)

List Price: $19.00

97830 Balance,Accessory, A&D AX-37, Spoons (2 ea)

List Price: $23.00

97831 Balance,Accessory, A&D AX-38, Portective In-Use Dovers (5 ea)

List Price: $45.00

97832 Balance,Accessory, A&D AX-39, Dust Cover

List Price: $19.00

97833 Balance,Accessory, A&D AX-42, WinCT-Moisture (Standard with MS-70 and MX-50, Optional with MF-50

List Price: $245.00

97834 Balance,Accessory, A&D AD-1700-20G, Calibration Mass (20g)

List Price: $110.00

97837 Balance,Accessory, A&D AX-43, Temperature Calibrator (MS-70 and MX-50 only)

List Price: $465.00

151247 Data Logger,AD-1688 3 Cables (1 m) 9-pin, 25-pin, 7-pin connectors, to USB, Time & Date, 5000 memory storage

List Price: $320.00

196128 Printer,A&D AD-8127 Dot Matrix, Statistical, Includes Power Supply and Serial Cable. GLP/GMP/GCP/ISO Compliant.

List Price: $890.00

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