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MSI Clamp-On Load Cell

Standard Features

  • ETD 150 construction
  • Accommodates up to 3/4 in wire rope size
  • IP68
  • Larger diameter clamp-ons available - call for pricing


  • Custom sizes available on request
  • Pair with an SCT transmitter for basic safety functions

A Durable Solution for Measuring Wire Rope Tension

The MSI Clamp-on Load Cell is a durable solution for measuring wire rope tension, providing dependable overload detection and prevention for overhead cranes and hoists. Available in two envelopes to accommodate most common wire ropes, 3/8-1/2 inch and 9/16-3/4 inch, the MSI Clamp-on installs quickly and easily to the wire rope dead end. The integral signal cable can be connected to a variety of detection device such as the MSI-8004 LED indicator or an advanced SCT weight transmitter. Weight-based setpoints can be used to communicate with crane electronics providing operator alerts and safety shut offs based on unsafe load conditions.

System Accuracy of Calibrated Capacity:

4340 steel, zinc plated

Output Resistance:
350 ohm

IP Rating:

Cable Color Code:
Red +Excitation
Black  –Excitation
Green  +Signal
White  –Signal

Cable Length:
20 ft integral cable with blunt end termination

Cable Range P/N A B C
3/8 - 1/2 179080 Cable + 1.70 6.00 2.00
9/16-3/4 179082 Cable + 1.67 6.00 2.00

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Part # Description List Price Cart
179080 Load Cell Assembly Clamp-On For 3/8 to 1/2 Inch Wire Rope

List Price: $710.00

179082 Load Cell Assembly Clamp-On For 9/16 to 3/4 Inch Wire Rope

List Price: $840.00

188816 3/8 ClampOn and SCT2200 System Kit, includes 179080 (Clamp On),182589 (SCT2200-AN) and 88792 (12VDC DIN rail PSU)

List Price: $1,260.00

188817 9/16 ClampOn and SCT2200 System Kit, includes 179082 (Clamp On),182589 (SCT2200-AN) and 88792 (12VDC DIN rail PSU)

List Price: $1,400.00


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