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MSI Tension Link Load Cell

(contact MSI for application consultation)

  • 4340 steel construction
  • Mil spec connector
  • 7:1 safety factor


  • Crosby® top and bottom shackles

The MSI Tension Link integrates between a crane block and lifting equipment to provide force measurement for lifted items, making it an ideal integration for cranes. The MSI Tension Link features a 7:1 safety factor for compliance with industrial and military safety requirements.

4340 steel

Input Resistance:
1,500 ohm

Output Resistance:
2,000 ohm

Full Scale Output:
0.8 mV/V

0.1% sensor accuracy

Connector Pin Out:
A: EX+
B: Sig +
C: Sig –
D: EX-


P/N Load Cell
Headroom Loss
C-C Length

Lug Thk

Body Thk
Body Width

Body Length

Lug Hole Crosby Shackle
2,000 181907 Aluminum 13.50 8.00 0.99 2.13 4.50 9.75 0.78 3-1/4 T 151357
5,000 181908 Aluminum 13.50 8.00 0.99 2.13 4.50 9.75 0.78 3-1/7 T 151357
10,000 181909 Aluminum 16.13 8.50 1.35 2.13 5.37 10.75 1.05 6-1/2 T 151355
25,000 178093 Steel 22.39 9.26 2.24 2.24 4.80 12.76 1.67 17 T 141992
50,000 178094 Steel 25.74 9.76 2.74 2.81 5.43 13.76 2.05 25 T 151356
100,000 181910 Steel 28.49 10.74 3.09 3.09 6.86 15.74 2.30 55 T 146336



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MSI Tension Link Load Cell

Part # Description List Price Cart
181907 Final Assy 2K 7200 Style Load Cell Only

List Price: $930.00

181908 Final Assy 5K 7200 Style Load Cell Only

List Price: $930.00

181909 Final Assy 10K 7200 Style Load Cell Only

List Price: $980.00

178093 Final Assy 25K 7200 Style Load Cell Only

Call for price

178094 Final Assy 50K 7200 Style Load Cell Only

Call for price

181910 Final Assy 100K 7200 Style Load Cell Only

Call for price

134505 Cable Assy,Mating 10 Foot Length 20 AWG

List Price: $175.00


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