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RL50219SS-TA Mini Tank Weighing Module, Stainless Steel

Complete Kit Includes

  • One JB4SS NEMA Type 4X stainless steel signal trim junction box
  • Three or four RL50219SS cantilever beam load cells (50 to 250 lb models)
  • Three or four stainless steel single-ended beam load cells (500 lb models)
  • Three or four neoprene isolation/compression mounts
  • 25 ft of hostile environment EL147HE SURVIVOR® load cell cable

Standard Features

  • Stainless steel modules
  • Lower weighing ranges from 50 to 500 lb per module
  • Environmentally protected load cells
  • Neoprene isolation/compression mounts allow for minor misalignment, thermal expansion and shock absorption
  • Overload stop for 500 lb modules provides durability

The RL50219SS-TA weigh module kit provides a cost-effective alternative for your customers’ low-range weighing needs. A variety of features makes this kit easy to install and an exceptional choice for various indoor weighing applications where checking requirements are low. Environmentally protected load cells, neoprene isolation/compression mounts and other Rice Lake Weighing Systems components are the keys to this module’s outstanding performance.


50 to 250 lb

500 lb

Rated Capacity C C1 H H1 L L1 L2 W W1 W2 W3
50 to 250 0.34 - 3.13 0.50 4.00 3.25 2.38 3.88 3.00 2.25 -
500 0.44 0.56 3.88 0.50 6.00 4.00 3.38 5.50 4.00 3.00 4.13

Resources / Downloads

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Load Cell and Weigh Module Selection Guide Request Download Email Load Cells|Weigh Modules
Load Cell Selection Guide Request Download Email Load Cells|Weigh Modules
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Stainless Steel Single-Module Kit (Includes Load Cell)

Part # Description List Price Cart
196829 Mount Assy, RL50219-SS-TA 50 50lb SST Incl RL50219SS-50lb Load Cell

List Price: $695.00

196830 Mount Assy, RL50219-SS-TA 75 75lb SST Incl RL50219SS-75lb Load Cell

List Price: $695.00

196831 Mount Assy, RL50219-SS-TA 100 100lb SST Incl RL50219SS-100lb Load Cell

List Price: $695.00

196832 Mount Assy, RL50219-SS-TA 150 150lb SST Incl RL50219SS-150lb Load Cell

List Price: $695.00

196833 Mount Assy, RL50219-SS-TA 250 250lb SST Incl RL50219SS-250lb Load Cell

List Price: $695.00

17954 Mount ASSY,RL50210-500 500 lb SST Compression INCL RL39123-500 lb

List Price: $715.00

Stainless Steel 3-Module Kit

Stainless Steel 4-Module Kit


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