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TA Plus Series, Rice Lake Analytical Balance

  • Internal calibration
  • Anti-electrostatic 360° transparent windshield
  • Eight-digit, 16.5 mm high liquid crystal display (LCD) with backlight
  • Single-touch response setting for environment
  • 40-step bar graph display
  • RS-232 interface for connecting to printer or PC
  • ISO/GLP/GMP compliant printing record
  • Plastic housing
  • Underweigh hook

Built to Keep Up

The Rice Lake TA Plus analytical balance utilizes tuning fork technology to provide precise measurement, quick response and remarkable stability. The tuning fork sensor within the TA Plus has an inherently small margin of error, meaning high precision can be maintained for long periods of time. A 360°, transparent, anti-electrostatic windshield ensures cannot be altered by natural elements.

Enhanced Connectivity

The TA Plus offers an RS-232 interface for connectivity with PCs, printers and other peripherals. Data can be recorded and printed for ISO/GLP/GMP compliance.

Modern Design

A compact design makes transportation of the TA Plus simple and straightforward, complemented by optional dry-cell battery operation. Automatic calibration is made possible by measuring and calculating repeatability standard deviation with just a single key. Achieve faster warm-up time and cut power consumption with the sleek yet durable TA Plus, engineered for optimal precision performance.

Weighing Units:
Carat, Pennyweight, Troy Ounce, Decimal Ounce, Decimal Pound (See technical manual for complete listing)

Operating Modes:
Counting, Percentage, Limit Function (Checkweighing), Specific Gravity

120 VAC adapter

Baud rate - 1200/2400/4800/9600/19200 bps, 8/7 data bits, Parity bit-None/Odd/Even

Calibration Weight:
TA Plus-124: 120 g
TA Plus-224: 220 g

Operating Temperature:
50 °F to 86 °F (10 °C to 30 °C) 80% RH or lower

Est. Weight:
6.4 lb (2.9 kg)

Five-year limited

Return Policy:
Rice Lake Standard Policy

Model  Capacity Readability Repeatability Linearity Pan Size Weighing Chamber Dimensions Part #

TA Plus-124

120 g

0.0001 g

1 division

1 division

Ø 3.15 in
(80 mm)

8.9 × 8.4 × 8.4 in
(225 × 213 × 213 mm)

11  7.9 × 12 in
(290 × 200 × 306 mm) 


TA Plus-224

220 g

0.0001 g

1 division

1 division

Ø 3.15 in
(80 mm)

8.9 × 8.4 × 8.4 in
(225 × 213 × 213 mm)

11 × 7.9 × 12 in
(290 × 200 × 306 mm)


Resources / Downloads

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Analytical Rice Lake TA Plus Series Catalog Page Download Email

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Rice Lake TA Plus Balance Operation Manual Download Email Precision Balances No

Title Collateral Wizard Request Download Email Category
Tuning-Fork Balance Series, Rice Lake Weighing Systems Request Download Email Balances
TA Plus Series Balance Download Email Balances


Part # Description List Price Cart
196569 Balance,TA Plus-124 Rice Lake, 120G x 0.0001G, 3.14IN Pan, 120VAC

List Price: $2,250.00

196570 Balance,TA Plus-224 Rice Lake, 220G x 0.0001G, 3.14IN Pan, 120VAC

List Price: $2,160.00


Part # Description List Price Cart
108255 Adapter,Power TA Series 120VAC, 12VDC/1.0A Output.

List Price: $58.00

108256 Adapter,Power TA Series 230VAC

List Price: $88.00

108257 Cover,In-Use TA Series

List Price: $58.00

107398 LIT,Manual Operating TA

List Price: $18.00

75351 Software,WinWedge 32 Std TAL

List Price: $345.00

66535 Cable,DB9F to DB9F Null Modem Serial Cable 6 Foot

List Price: $46.00

119919 Cable,AbleCable RS-232 DB9-Male to USB. Keyboard Input for Serial Devices

List Price: $190.00

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