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Transducer Simulator 4

  • Designed for high accuracy
  • Sealed lid with neoprene O-ring
  • Dustproof and crush tested to 500 lb
  • Four operational modes include: vernier adjustment, calibrated adjustment, 0.25 mV/V offset and 0.50 mV/V offset
  • Ideal for setpoint or batching simulation

Accurate and Portable Load Cell Simulator

The Transducer Simulator 4 is a fully functional simulator for replicating a wide range of load cell scenarios. An all-in-one carrying case provides the portability and convenience required by field technicians. 

Choose any fixed setting ± 0.25 mV or 0.50 mV through a 10-turn wire-wound potentiometer with locking clutch, fixed and variable

Maximum Voltage:
15 V

Less than ± 0.02% full scale

Temperature Coefficient:
Absolute 5 ppm/ °C; tracking less than 0.5 ppm/ °C

Load Factors:
Simulates one, two, three, four or eight 350 ohm load cells; or two, four, six, eight or 16 700 ohm load cells

+0.25 mV/V for use with digitally calibrated meters requiring positive dead load for calibration 

Binding posts, suitable for loose wires or banana jacks

One-year limited

Resources / Downloads

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Transducer Simulator 4 Catalog Page Download Email

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Part # Description List Price Cart
22513 Simulator,Scale-Pro 4 Transducer 0-3mV/V W/Vernier Control From -.50mV/V To +3.5mV/V Simulates 1,2,3,4 or 8 Load Cells NEMA 4X

List Price: $835.00


Part # Description List Price Cart
21116 Cable,Interface Simulator I four foot cable with banana plugs

List Price: $68.00

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