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Loop Detectors

Vehicle Loop Detector

  • Loop diagnostics
  • Loop isolation transformer
  • Loop conditioner
  • Aluminum RF shield housing
  • Surge protection
  • Loop frequency counter
  • 10 gold-plated sensitivity controls
  • Eight gold-plated function controls
  • Six gold-plated controls for frequency, reset and frequency counter
  • Two high-intensity LED indicators
  • Two relays—relay 2 is pulse or presence

EMX Lite Preformed Loops

  • Rugged and flexible TPE tubing
  • Electronic lightning protection of vehicle detectors
  • Comes standard with 50 ft of twisted and jacketed lead-in wire
  • Vehicle detection loop is constructed of stranded wire conductors with thermoplastic elastomer insulation jacketing
  • Outer shell is flexible nonmetallic 0.26 in tubing
  • Two relays—relay 2 is pulse or presence
  • Loop installation requires backer rod and epoxy sealant provided by others

Detect Vehicle Movement

Install loop detector systems from Rice Lake below ground at the entry or exit of your truck scale to easily detect vehicle movement. Loop detectors easily install beneath asphalt, concrete or blacktop.

Vehicle Loop Detector Power:
The detector is available in the following voltages:
12 VAC/DC, 24VAC, 24VDC, 110 VAC, 220 VAC. Maximum current draw 100mA

Low Power:
Detector is available with maximum current draw of 60mA

-40 °F to 180 °F (-40 °C to 82 °C)

Extruded anodized aluminum,
(H × W × D)
3.25 × 2.56 × 3.65 in
(83 × 40 × 90 mm)

Output Relays:
5A/125 VAC standard version, 1A/125 VAC low current version

86CP11 compatible with 11-Pin Octal DIN-rail mountable socket or wire harness

Operating Temperature:
-60 °F to 260 °F (-51 °C to 126 °C)

Overall Diameter of Loop Wire:
0.26 in

Loop Dimensions:
4 × 6 ft thru 4 × 12 ft standard, custom sizes available

50 ft long, twisted wire in PVC jacket

Loop Wire Approvals:
UL subject 13, Type PLTC 300V, 90C passes IEEE-328,210,000, BTU Flame Test
Pennsylvania, Bureau of Deep Mine Safety, Approval P-MWMS-1-85

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Vehicle Loop Detector

Part # Description List Price Cart
171093 Assembly, Loop Detector Dual Loop Detectors And Terminals For Wiring. Lead Wires From Loops,Power Source and Signal.

List Price: $1,295.00

78986 Loop,Vehicle Detection Preformed, 4 ft x 8 ft Loop, 50 ft Lead In Wire

List Price: $275.00

86758 Loop,Vehicle Detection Preformed, 4 ft x 10 ft Loop, 50 ft Lead In Wire

List Price: $275.00

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EMX Lite Preformed Loops


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