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  • Specialized PC software makes data entry easy
  • Boost product ID storage to nearly limitless potential, and manage as many scales as necessary
  • Eliminates front-panel entry of ID parameters
  • Quickly program, edit and manage scales and each unique product ID right from your PC
  • Stores the details of each transaction for either a single scale or multiple scales
  • Collects data as transactions occur and provides detailed transaction and productivity reports
  • Allows users to add, edit and access IDs over a network connection
  • Reports can be exported into word processing, spreadsheet or PDF format

Counterpart Functions Only

  • Data Registers:
    • ID code [32 characters]
    • Unit weight [6 places]
    • Tare weight [6 places]
    • Units field
    • Parts name [32 characters]
    • Part description [32 characters]
    • Lot number [32 characters]
    • Location [12 characters]
    • Inventory quantity [7 characters]
  • Reports:
    • Part
    • Inventory
    • Activity
    • Location

CW-90/90X Functions Only

  • Part Fields:
    • Product ID [4 characters]
    • Two descriptions fields [32 characters each]
    • Target
    • Tare
    • Over
    • Under
    • Units
  • Reports:
    • Transaction
    • Productivity


Monitor your production with WeighVault®

This specialized PC software for use with Rice Lake’s CW-90 and CW-90X checkweighers makes data entry easier than ever while expanding data storage and reporting abilities.

WeighVault for Counterpart is a comprehensive software package that stores and manages data on your PC. With Counterpart you can create custom reports for inventory, threshold, location and more. It is designed for operators with minimal computer experience and managers who require quick and accurate information. Scales can be added or moved on-the-fly without interrupting other scales operating on the network. WeighVault for Counterpart is the solution for real-time inventory management.

Minimum System Specifications:
CW-90X or Counterpart®
800+ MHz Intel® compatible processor
1 GB of RAM
750 MB hard drive space
TCP/IP connections to a CW-90, CW-90X or Counterpart
Recommended System Specifications:
1.0 GHz Intel compatible processor
2 GB of RAM
4 GB hard drive space
Windows 10 or newer (x64 systems)
TCP/IP connections to a CW-90, CW-90X or Counterpart
Network Requirements:
The PC running the WeighVault service must have
a static IP address
Known IP address and subnet of the host PC;
if connecting via WLAN, known network SSID and security settings (pass keys and phrases)
Network policy must allow passwords of six characters

Resources / Downloads

Title Download Email
WeighVault Catalog Page Download Email

Title Version Revision Download Email Category Archived
Counterpart Counting Scale Indicator 2.5 G Download Email No
WeighVault for Counterpart Installation Instructions Download Email Software|Counting Scales No
WeighVault for CW-90/90X Installation Instructions Download Email Indicator Software|Indicators / Controllers|Weight Indicators|Checkweighers No
WeighVault Counterpart Technical Manual A Download Email Software|Counting Scales No
WeighVault CW-90/90X Technical Manual B Download Email Software|Indicator Software|Weight Indicators|Checkweighers No

Title Collateral Wizard Request Download Email Category
WeighVault Application Brief Download Email Checkweighers|Software

Title Version Size Release Date Download Email
Counterpart Firmware v2.05 2.05.00 337.8 KB 03/04/2015 Download Email
Counterpart Firmware v1.01 1.01.00 297 KB 09/30/2011 Download Email

Title View Email Category
MSSQL Database Machine Transfer Technical Bulletin Download Email Software

Title View Download Email Category
WeighVault for CW-90 Demonstration View Download Email Checkweighers|Weight Indicators
WeighVault for Counterpart Demonstration View Download Email Software
Counterpart: Using WeighVault for In/Out Inventory View Email Counting Scales|Software


Part # Description List Price Cart
117358 LIT,USB Weighvault for CW90X Version Software Package (English)

List Price: $265.00

125546 LIT,USB WeighVault for Counterpart (English)

List Price: $265.00


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