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BenchMark® LP Low-Profile Bench Scale

  • Mild steel base construction
  • 304 stainless steel cover
  • ABS junction box
  • Four planar beam load cells
  • Adjustable leveling feet
  • 20 ft of EL147 load cell cable
  • Holes in lower frame for mounting scale without adjustable leveling feet


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NTEP Logo LOGO Measurementcanada Approved BW

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm California Proposition 65

Low-Profile Bench Scale

The BenchMark LP low-profile bench scale offers an overall height of just two-to-three inches. The more subtle presence of the LP is an attractive option for commercial situations, or other areas in need of a less obtrusive platform. Gain the same accuracy and performance as our standard benchmark models in a more refined and inconspicuous package.

Load Cell, Rated Output:
IP65 aluminum, 1.0 mV/V ±10%

End Load Capacity:
60% of full scale capacity

Cable Length:
20 ft (6.1 m) for connecting junction box to indicator

Scale Frame:
Mild steel powder coated black

Scale Cover:
AISI304L, straight line finish, Ra=45 +/- 10

Two-year limited 

NTEP CC 08-017, Class III 5,000 d (except 1,000 lb capacity)
Measurement Canada AM 5660 (except 500 kg capacity)

PN 97662
H1 2.63 in L 18.00 in
H2 1.67 in W 18.00 in
PN 97663
H1 2.50 in L 18.00 in
H2 1.74 in W 18.00 in
PN 97664
H1 2.69 in L 18.00 in
H2 1.93 in W 18.00 in
PN 97665
H1 2.66 in L 24.00 in
H2 1.69 in W 24.00 in
PN 97666
H1 2.83 in L 18.00 in
H2 2.07 in W 18.00 in
PN 97667
H1 302 in L 24.00 in
H2 2.26 in W 24.00 in
PN 97668
H1 3.02 in L 30.00 in
H2 2.26 in W 30.00 in
PN 97669
H1 3.47 in L 30.00 in
H2 2.70 in W 30.00 in
PN 97670
H1 3.02 in L 36.00 in
H2 2.26 in W 36.00 in
PN 97671
H1 3.47 in L 36.00 in
H2 2.70 in W 36.00 in
Note: 1 in = 25.4 mm

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Part # Description List Price Cart
97662 Scale,Benchmark LP 18x18 100lb

List Price: $1,385.00

97663 Scale,Benchmark LP 18x18 250lb

List Price: $1,415.00

97664 Scale,Benchmark LP 18x18 500lb

List Price: $1,450.00

97665 Scale,Benchmark LP 24x24 100lb

List Price: $1,655.00

97666 Scale,Benchmark LP 24x24 250lb

List Price: $1,680.00

97667 Scale,Benchmark LP 24x24 500lb

List Price: $1,715.00

97668 Scale,Benchmark LP 30x30 500lb

List Price: $1,975.00

97669 Scale,Benchmark LP 30x30 1000lb

List Price: $2,040.00

97670 Scale,Benchmark LP 36x36 500lb

List Price: $2,590.00

97671 Scale,Benchmark LP 36x36 1000lb

List Price: $2,650.00


Part # Description List Price Cart
208904 Cable Assy,6 Conductor, 20ft. with DB-9 Male Connector for Tracer

List Price: $95.00

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